Reductions of Our Environmental Load

Material Balance: Our Overall Environmental Impact

Providing customers with products created from the earth’s natural resources such as air and water, and returning them to nature after they have been used.
The Air Water Group’s work is intimately related to the earth. We therefore promote reductions of our environmental load by tracking inputs like resources and energy and outputs like products and waste at our major manufacturing facilities.

Scope of collection of environmental performance data

Air Water Inc. and 27 consolidated subsidiaries* (28 companies in total)

*Consolidated subsidiaries (as of FY2018) selected as having a high environmental load under the Air Water criteria (CO2 emission coverage: 95% or above)

<27 Group companies>

  • Industrial Gases: 6 companies
  • Chemical: 2 companies
  • Medical: 2 companies
  • Agriculture and Food Products: 7 companies
  • Logistics: 1 company
  • Seawater: 2 companies
  • Other: 7 companies