Basic Approach to Employees

The Air Water Group is made up of a variety of Group companies engaged in a range of business activities. We protect the human rights of diverse personnel, respect their individuality and character, ensure safety and health, and strive to create workplaces that allow each person to work with energy and a sense of purpose.

Basic Policy on Human Resources

<Respect for the Individual>
We strive to establish programs that can be chosen by employees in order to respect the will of each and every individual.

<Recognition of Ability and Performance>
We appropriately recognize ability and performance without regard to age or educational background and structure compensation accordingly.

<Personnel Development>
We support each employee’s desire for growth through a development-oriented support system and help them achieve their career plans through ongoing skill development and performance opportunities.

Personnel Development

Air Water conducts personnel development aiming at the ideal of a company where each employee amply demonstrates his or her abilities with energy and a sense of purpose. While continuing to promote the education of young employees and the active participation of women as priority tasks, we will implement various personnel measures with emphasis on education and development with the aim of effectively utilizing diverse human resources and enhancing diversity in our organizations.

Skill Development

At Air Water, we use the following training systems to help our people attain the skills they need in current and future positions, thus encouraging employees to develop their own careers.

(1) Employee Training

<Rank-Specific Training>
Under this system, we instill the attitudes and mindsets needed to perform the roles and obligations of each specific grade. The training uses self-analysis and a variety of tasks to encourage employees to make discoveries for themselves and apply those in their work. Starting in fiscal 2019, new post training for those assigned to ranks on the cusp of promotion to managerial posts instills the basics of management, thus better enabling us to harness the potential of younger employees.

<Language Training>
This involves a variety of programs, including basic language training to seed new recruits and younger employees with the potential to become globally capable workers, as well as invitation-only language instruction for mid-career employees with a view to overseas postings. Moreover, “language training” is not just about foreign languages, but also teaches practical skills such as presentation, meeting strategies, and debating. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance the globalization of our workforce to prepare for the group’s ongoing internationalization.

<Manufacturing Skills Training>
Worksite supervisor training is a groupwide initiative limited to employees in our manufacturing businesses. Based on solving actual problems from the factory, trainees receive guidance from instructors on how to implement improvements and identify and resolve issues, as well as on workplace leadership.

(2) Career Path Design System

Under this system, employees can set the career path they want to pursue. Following self-assessment in their current positions, participants declare the roles they would like to progress to next, regardless of whether or not it is in the same department or business segment.

Relationship with the Labor Union

Air Water believes that the relationship between labor and management is like that of the wheels of a vehicle. We strive to establish a firm, collaborative relationship that always advances in the right direction through the mutual exchange of frank opinions, while respecting each other’s positions and maintaining an appropriate distance.