Basic Approach to Suppliers

For the continued growth of its business, Air Water strives to comply with laws and observe agreements with customers, suppliers, and other parties, and to maintain and improve trust-based relationships with its stakeholders. We promote fair business practices and hope to grow together with our stakeholders.

Purchasing Approach

Air Water has established its purchasing approach in the Purchasing Management Regulations as follows.


  • Air Water selects its suppliers based on a comprehensive evaluation rooted in economic rationality. Selection is made without regard to nationality, location, or size of business, and new entrants are always given a fair and impartial opportunity to participate.
  • In conducting its purchasing activities, Air Water considers conservation of resources and environmental protection. In addition, the company ensures that related laws as well as its own regulations and circulars are fully understood and observed.

Fair Dealings

Air Water regards maintaining and developing good relations with suppliers based on fair dealings as an important task of management and also understands this to be an important pillar of compliance. In fiscal 2017, compliance training seminars focused on compliance with the Antimonopoly Act, Subcontract Act, Construction Industry Act, and other related laws for newly appointed managers and newly hired employees, as well as the representatives and management supervisors of companies that newly joined the Air Water Group.

Promoting Green Procurement

Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., Our Group company, promotes “green procurement” from the viewpoint of reducing the impact of business activities on the environment. Taking into consideration the environmental performance of the goods and services it procures in addition to their quality, price, and delivery time, the company procures raw materials, chemical additives, fuels, packaging materials, product transport, and products from suppliers that proactively promote environmental preservation activities.

Principles in Selecting Goods

We adopt the following principles in order to select goods that have little environmental impact in all stages of manufacturing, use, and disposal.

(1)Raw materials
Recycled raw materials or materials that are easy to recycle are used, and the amount and the number of types of raw materials used are small.

(2)Controlling use of hazardous substances, etc.
Prohibited substances are not used, and use of controlled substances is minimized.

(3)High reusability and recyclability
Repeated use (reuse) for the same purpose by refilling, etc. is enabled by design. Or use of recyclable materials or recycling is made easy by design or labeling.

Durable life is long.

(5)Packaging materials
Few packaging materials are used, and they are reusable and recyclable.

Energy consumption in stages of manufacturing, use, etc. is low.

(7)Low environmental load in disposal
Degradable materials with low environmental impact are used or measures to prevent discharge of hazardous chemical substances are implemented for disposal by incineration or landfilling.