Basic Approach to Community Relations

The Air Water Group has eight regional business companies throughout the country and over 250 Group companies in various industries. These companies are closely tied to their local communities and pursue businesses rooted in those communities, while deepening communication with local community members to establish good relationships with them.

Providing Factory/Facility Tours

To promote understanding of the Air Water Group’s business activities and its commitment to the environment and safety, the Group has invited visitors on tours of its facilities and factories.

Initiatives for Beautification and Greening

Each of Air Water’s business sites supports beautification of local communities by participating in local cleaning and greening activities.

Promoting Sports and Arts

Air Water supports the promotion of sports and arts through sponsoring sports or arts events in local areas.

Health Support Activities

Toward achieving “health and productivity management,” Air Water supports the health of people in local communities through such actions as sponsoring health-related events and holding sport lessons at accommodation facilities that the Air Water Group manages and operates as a designated manager.

Disaster Support Activities

As natural disasters become increasingly common, close coordination with local communities will be vital in emergency situations. In addition to supporting disaster-stricken areas with supplies and donations, we are also working on disaster prevention and mitigation efforts that include holding seminars for healthcare professionals to help them be better prepared for a disaster and gas supply drills assuming a blackout or other emergency situations.