Material Balance: Our Overall Environmental Impact

Providing customers with products created from the earth’s natural resources such as air and water, and returning them to nature after they have been used. The Air Water Group’s work is intimately related to the earth.
The Air Water Group works to reduce its environmental load by tracking its total environmental impact (material balance), from inputs like resources and energy to outputs like greenhouse gases and waste at our major plants. Specifically, we collect the following data from group companies with high environmental impact who by law are required to submit reports (CO\( \sf _2 \) emission coverage: 95% or more).

Scope of collection of environmental performance data

82 domestic plants of Air Water and 37 consolidated subsidiaries with high environmental impact* in FY2019 (38 companies in total)

  • Industrial Gas: 16 companies
  • Chemical: 4 companies
  • Medical: 2 companies
  • Agriculture and Food Products: 8 companies
  • Logistics: 1 company
  • Other: 4 companies
  • Seawater: 2 companies
  • Definition of plants with high environmental impact Act on the Rational Use of Energy: Energy management industries; Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management
    Thereof: Plants that release and transfer more than one ton of Class I designated chemical substances into the atmosphere; Waste Disposal Law: Businesses discharging large amounts of waste; Act on Improvement of Pollution Prevention Systems in Specified Factories: Specified plants