Addressing ESG Issues

The origins of our business can be found in its name, which consists of two words: “air” and “water.” Our aim is to create businesses by making use of these natural resources and thereby contribute broadly to society and everyday life. This means that our business activities are closely linked to ensuring social and environmental sustainability.
As our group companies cooperate in conducting diverse businesses to support social development and enriched living, we bear responsibilities toward a broad range of our stakeholders; namely, the “responsibility of a company” to aim for growth together with its employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, and other business partners through the sustainable growth of our group companies, and the “responsibility of a corporate citizen” to contribute to sustainability in our global environment and local communities.
To ensure sustainable growth alongside our stakeholders, we must proceed with ESG-driven management, placing the utmost importance on the environment, society, and corporate governance. At Air Water, sustainability is an integral criterion of our business, and ESG management will lead us toward sustainable growth.
Being constantly aware of its multifaceted responsibilities, Air Water will drive ESG management from the standpoint of its stakeholders to raise its corporate value.

Key Performance Indicators of the Group’s Environmental Challenge

The Air Water Group’s business activities are founded on harnessing natural resources like air and water. As such, not only is environmental conservation essential to sustainable corporate growth, but it is only right that we lead efforts to preserve the global environment for future generations. To that end, we have brought the issue front-and-center by establishing our key environmental challenge as “fighting climate change” in 2019, and the whole group is working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fighting Climate Change

Having made “fighting climate change” the group’s key environmental challenge, we have established a greenhouse gas(i.e., carbon dioxide) emission reduction target to chart our progress, and announced that target as one of the group’s KPIs in NEXT-2020 Final, our mid-term management plan. Efforts to cut the group’s carbon dioxide emissions and achieve that target are underway. They include the installation of high-efficiency plants and upgrading of existing plants groupwide, a thorough energy saving regime, and use of renewable energy sources. In addition to our own efforts, we are working to calculate carbon dioxide emissions throughout our supply chain, beginning by gauging the emissions (scope 3) of suppliers, clients, and other relevant parties.


Manufacturing companies of the Air Water Group classified as Specified Business Operators under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy (incl. Air Water, Inc., and 22 other group companies)

Key Performance Indicators of the Group’s Social Challenge

Products and services provided by Air Water contribute to people and society in broad fields, such as manufacturing, medical and nursing care, food, energy, and logistics.
NEXT- 2020 Final, the mid-term management plan we launched in FY2019, obliges the group to take action to address workforce potential (diversity and greater opportunities for female employees), improved compliance relating to quality, and elimination of industrial accidents.

Greater opportunities for female employees

Elimination of industrial accidents

Enhancing Corporate Governance

The Air Water Group believes that conducting fair business activities, using general common sense, and gaining trust from all stakeholders is essential for continuous business growth and the maximizing of enterprise value. To this end, we believe that our most important management task is to make ceaseless efforts to establish comprehensive corporate governance by enhancing the internal control system, enforcing compliance, and reinforcing risk management.