Basic Approach to Customers

Air Water is working every day to offer products and services that meet its customers’ high expectations and earn their trust. We are making groupwide efforts toward further improvement of quality, focusing on safety and security.

Company-wide Policy on Quality and Company-wide Quality Targets

The Air Water Company-wide Policy on Quality is designed to encourage quality assurance and raise employees’ awareness of the importance of quality. We have set company-wide targets as a means of improving quality levels, and are working to reduce quality risks.

Initiatives to Boost Quality Compliance

Quality Compliance Guidelines

The steady stream of cover-ups at famous Japanese companies regarding quality problems has made people sensitive to such issues. Any such wrongdoing, major complaints, and large-scale recalls may undermine society’s trust in us and cause untold economic losses. To help avoid such disasters, we instituted the Air Water Group Quality Compliance Guidelines in 2018. The guidelines stipulate the basics of the group’s activities toward reducing quality compliance risks, and set forth policies for departments and group companies to improve their risk management.
Meetings were held in Osaka, Tokyo, and Sapporo in January 2019 to explain the guidelines to quality assurance staff from various group companies, so that they could then relay the relevant information throughout the group.

Quality Risk Surveys

Since fiscal 2017, we have conducted internal surveys to identify the risk factors of the group’s products, and to determine the nature of risks and the status of risk control within the group.

Quality Assurance Workshops

Workshops are an effective means of pursuing quality assurance activities groupwide.
For instance, we held workshops to train in-house ISO 9001 auditors in fiscal 2018. Workshops were held in Osaka, Tokyo, and Sapporo to explain about the switch to the 2015 certification and new qualifications, and to instill understanding about the essential requirements of ISO 9001. A total of 107 employees attended.

Sharing Information on Quality Assurance

Air Water issues “Quality Assurance Information” and circulars to share information on quality assurance with the quality assurance managers and staff in charge at all divisions and Group companies.