As part of its business operations, the Air Water Group utilizes air, water, and other global resources in combination with technologies, business models, and expertise. The result is a range of products, services, and solutions that have become indispensable to industries and consumers alike. We are committed to sustainable business operations that do not deplete the global resources that nature provides to us as its blessings.
At the same time, we seek to solve many of the problems facing society today by maintaining a balance between society’s needs and the sustainability of our activities on the planet.
Collectively, humanity desires a sustainable future in which we can all live in harmony with the Earth.
Accordingly, while looking ahead to 2050, the Air Water Group has formulated a vision of sustainability that entails maintaining harmony with the Earth by contributing to the emergence of a society committed to resource recycling.


The Air Water Group is a conglomerate that supports society and the everyday lives of individuals through its various businesses, which encompass energy; logistics; disaster response; medicine and hygiene; agriculture and food products; and the supply of industrial and medical gases. For this reason, we believe we can respond accurately and with agility to provide solutions to the increasingly complex and diverse issues of modern society.
Specifically, the Air Water Group is developing unique initiatives to address a wide range of challenges to society, including the environmental issues of climate change and resource depletion; the need for society to live in harmony with nature; the implementation of ever-evolving digital technology; and the realization of long and healthy lifespans. In short, we aim to make a substantial contribution to society.
The Air Water Group assigns a particularly high priority to the need to reduce greenhouse gas (CO\( \sf _2 \)) emissions. This is because our industrial gas business — the business on which we were founded — consumes a large amount of electricity. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet challenges through expeditious measures. Our commitment and diligence have enabled us to achieve steady progress in this regard. In addition, our three new companies, resulting from the consolidation of eight regional operating companies in Japan, will serve to underpin our effort to pursue the UN’s sustainable development goals. These entities are dedicated to establishing new businesses that will help to resolve issues in our local communities.


The management philosophy of the Air Water Group requires us to focus our expertise on the development of businesses linked to the Earth. Notably, in 2018 we introduced our new corporate slogan, “Meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings.” We will now seek to fulfill the highly desirable role we have prepared for since our founding by demonstrating to the world our solid track record. We will continue to be guided by our management philosophy, always keeping in mind that no matter how positive our image, we will shine only once we have accumulated a substantial record of achievement that reflects our diligent efforts.