Operational Reforms

With the chairman and CEO as director, in June 2020 we launched the Corporate Business Innovation Division to drive groupwide digital innovation (DI). We are making progress through three main elements: the DI Promotion Office, which promotes digitalization in business management; the Workstyle Innovation Project, through which we aim to transform workstyles by reforming our basic communication infrastructure; and the Sales Innovation Project, in which we are working to establish new marketing and sales approaches through full use of digital tools.

  • Workstyle Innovation Project

Promoting fundamental workstyle reforms by increasing workstyle flexibility and revitalizing communication

  • Sales Innovation Project

Establishing new marketing and sales approaches through full use of digital tools

  • DI Promotion Office

Formulating and promoting groupwide implementation of strategies and plans for digital innovations in business

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The Air Water Group as a whole is promoting a variety of initiatives with the aim of supporting more efficient and effective work styles. Our priorities are to optimize and manage working hours, implement thorough health management measures, and promote the effectiveness of the Health Committee.


Initiatives to Further Optimize Management of Work Hours

In 2016, we strengthened the management functions of our attendance management system in order to further optimize management of work hours. Moreover, in 2017, our head office, Tokyo Office, and other major locations introduced an arrival and departure management system utilizing individual IC cards.


Support for Flexible Work Styles to Accommodate Life Events

With the goal of creating a workplace where our diverse employees can work with ease, we established a system to support continuous employment by incorporating a flex time system, a spousal leave system, a job return system, and a long-term care leave and leave of absence system. In addition to offering regular childcare leave, we established a unique childcare leave system that allows male employees to take childcare leave while allocating the paid leave accumulated through the special annual leave reserve system for childcare leave. As well, in April 2020 we introduced telecommuting as a trial measure to help minimize the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, in October 2021 we officially introduced our telecommuting system.

(1) Flex Time System (applicable to the period required for childcare or long-term care)

(2) Reduced Work Hours System (applicable for children attending up to the 3rd grade of elementary school)


Support for Balancing Work with Long-term Care Responsibilities

In order to promote the continued employment of employees who care for family members, the Air Water Group has introduced a support system for work hours that includes long-term care leave, leave of absence, and flex time. Going forward, we will continue to develop a work environment that balances work with long-term care in line with actual circumstances.

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment in the workplace is socially unacceptable behavior that unjustly undermines the personal dignity of employees. The Air Water Group has long stated that harassment is not permitted under labor agreements, rules of employment, and our Code of Ethical Conduct, and that all employees must refrain from engaging in harassment. Furthermore, according to the “Guidelines for Preventing Harassment Regarding Pregnancy, Childbirth, Childcare Leave, and Long-term Care Leave in the Workplace,” formulated in fiscal 2016, we are improving our knowledge and skills for responding to harassment; moreover, we will thoroughly enforce prohibitions against engaging in, permitting, and overlooking harassment. We are committed to securing a safe and comfortable work environment in which all employees demonstrate respect for one another.