The Air Water Group’s business activities are founded on harnessing natural resources like air and water. As such, not only is environmental conservation essential to sustainable corporate growth, but it is only right that we lead efforts to preserve the global environment for future generations. To that end, in 2021 we announced our 2050 Environmental Vision, and we are working as a Group to achieve a decarbonized society, a resource recycling society, and a society in which humanity and nature can coexist.

Environmental Vision 2050 of the Air Water Group

Our Sustainability Vision for 2050 is to achieve a recycling-oriented society through coexistence with society and the earth.
In our business activities, we use air, water, and other natural resources to supply products, services, and solutions that are essential to industries and people’s lifestyles. We must guarantee, therefore, that our business activities are sustainable and that they leave zero impact on the environment. Meanwhile, solutions to the many issues facing society today can be found in both environmental and social sustainability. At the Air Water Group, too, we long for a future of sustainability in which nature and humanity can coexist, and this is precisely why we have put together our 2050 Environmental Vision. 
Global warming concerns are growing every year, and as demonstrated by the Japanese government’s target to become carbon neutral by 2050, decarbonization initiatives are gathering speed across society. For corporations to achieve sustainable growth against this social backdrop, response to environmental issues must be seen as both a social responsibility and a growth opportunity.
This new Environmental Vision defines our goals for future society: a decarbonized society, a resource recycling society, and a society in which humanity and nature can coexist. Not only will we aim to ensure that our business activities leave zero environmental impact by 2050, but we will also work to provide added environmental value to both our customers and society.
In addition, following the formulation of the Environmental Vision, we reviewed our previous CO2 reduction target for FY2030 of "15% reduction compared to FY 2013" and set a new challenge target of "30% reduction compared to FY2020".

A Carbon-neutral Society

By 2050, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality in our business operations as we decarbonize our entire supply chain. Furthermore, we will contribute to the emergence of a carbon-neutral society through our commitment to technological innovation and the utilization of hydrogen and other forms of renewable energy.

Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We will achieve the goal of reducing CO\( \sf _2 \) emissions (Scope 1 + Scope 2) by 30% in FY2030 compared to FY2020. Also, work to reduce CO\( \sf _2 \) emissions attributable to the supply chain and thus contribute to the emergence of a society committed to carbon neutrality through our decarbonization business.

Use of 100% Renewable Energy

We plan to derive 100% of the energy used in our business operations from renewable sources.

Obtaining Locally Produced Energy for Local Consumption

We aim to develop a business model that contributes to regional revitalization by using renewable energy derived from the local natural environment.


A Resource-Recycling Society

We will contribute to a supply chain that recycles resources by generating zero waste, promoting reuse, and recycling waste.

Provision of Recovery, Refining and Purification Systems

With our industrial gas recovery, refining, and purification technologies, we are focused on resource-recycling applications such as recovering and reusing rare gases from exhaust gas as a natural resource. This is to address concerns about atmospheric release as well as resource depletion due to the exclusion and detoxification of dangerous and harmful gases.

Recycling 100% of Our Waste

We will work to reduce the amount of waste generated through our business operations and will recycle renewable energy by utilizing our waste effectively in society and by recycling of 100% of our waste.

Establishing a Circular Supply Chain

In the supply chain, waste is recycled as a resource through reuse and recycling of waste in keeping with our fundamental commitment of reducing waste generation.


A Society that Coexists with Nature

We will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity while eliminating environmental impacts by conserving water resources and eliminating the use of plastics.

Introducing Initiatives to Conserve Biodiversity and Water Resources

In addition to managing our water consumption by reducing our use of water resources and reusing wastewater in our business operations, we will purify our wastewater and treat our sewage according to environmental standards. We will also remove harmful substances from water and generate clean water. Moreover, we remain committed to our natural conservation initiatives and the development of environment-friendly products and technologies. We will also contribute to the conservation of biodiversity by popularizing these products and making them widely available.

Managing Chemical Substances and Eliminating Plastics

We will strive to uphold chemical safety by ensuring appropriate management from manufacture to disposal, reducing the environmental impact of beverage containers and packaging materials, and reducing environmental risks to soil, groundwater, the atmosphere, and bodies of water.


Basic Environmental Policy

The Air Water Group’s business activities have been founded on harnessing natural resources like air and water. As such, seeing environmental conservation as essential to sustainable corporate growth, we have long worked to reduce our environmental impact. To guide us in the right direction, in 2000 we formulated the Air Water Group Basic Environmental Policy, and have been working as a group to preserve our natural environment.

Basic Philosophy

We are concerned not only with harnessing air and water resources to make products that benefit industry and lifestyles, but also with ensuring our manufacturing benefits nature itself. Having served their commercial purpose, those resources should return gently and cleanly to their original environment. As a company founded on the laws of nature and the cycle of natural life, acting in accordance with this philosophy is our responsibility to future generations.

Basic Policy

  1. We work on prevention of environmental pollution, global warming countermeasures (mitigation of and adaptation to climate change), effective use of resources, and reduction of chemical risk in all our business activities from research and development to production, sales, logistics, and service.
  2. We research and examine the impact on the environment resulting from our business activities, establish technically and economically feasible goals for reducing environmental load, and promote environmental conservation activities. At the same time, we continually try to improve our environmental management system.
  3. We comply with environmental laws and regulations, establish voluntary standards as necessary, and work for environmental conservation.
  4. We select resources (facilities, raw materials, subsidiary materials, components, etc.) required for business activities that satisfy technological and economic demands, but which also have a small environmental impact and little negative effect on local residents and employees.
  5. Our research & development gives consideration to the environment, safety, and quality, and provides products and goods and develops technologies that contribute to the environment.
  6. We promote acquisition of the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems, and arrange structures for implementing our Basic Environmental Policy.
  7. We use internal publicity and other activities to boost the understanding and awareness of all employees regarding the Air Water Group Basic Environmental Policy. We disclose this Basic Environmental Policy to the general public.