Air Water Sustainability Vision

The Air Water Group’s businesses make use of the earth’s valuable resources—such as air and water—and combine diverse technologies and unique business models and expertise to provide products, services and solutions that are essential for industries and quality lifestyles. Precisely because we make use of nature’s blessings, our business activities must be sustainable.


With a corporate name that embodies two of our planet’s basic elements, we are fully aware of the value of the Earth’s resources. Recognizing the potential of our business wherever air and water exist, we aim for sustainable growth with a sincere commitment to various environmental and social issues. As a company that advocates recycling of the Earth’s resources, we use the technologies, products, and services derived from these resources to contribute to society before returning these resources to nature to ensure they remain available for future use.


At Air Water, based on our management philosophy, we have created a Sustainability Vision for the year 2050. Through this vision, we will seek to create a recycling-oriented society through coexistence with society and the earth.

The Air Water Group Advocates for a Society Committed to Recycling

Identifying the Pillars of Prosperity required to achieve a Sustainability Vision

The Air Water Group operates across a wide range of businesses. The management of a conglomerate itself is a source of innovation that helps to address environmental and social issues. The Air Water Group has identified eight Pillars of Prosperity representing important themes for sustainable survival and future development in a manner appropriate to society and the planet.

Pillars of Prosperity and Solutions Businesses

In addressing our Pillars of Prosperity, we have adopted four Solutions Businesses that build on the strengths of the Air Water Group’s management as a conglomerate. Moreover, we remain focused on research and development targeting the technological innovation that underpins our business transformation.

Societal Vision and Contributory Themes

In addressing the Contributory Themes, the Air Water Group supports the realization of five Societal Visions by creating economic value and environmental value (through harmony with the Earth) and societal value (through harmony with society). These are specific to the Pillars of Prosperity and our four Solutions Businesses.

The process of identifying the Pillars of Prosperity

From the perspective of recognition of the social and business environments, consideration of risks and opportunities, and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, we identified the Pillars of Prosperity with a focus on the importance of building a sustainable society and the need for businesses that enhance our corporate value.

The concept of Pillars of Prosperity

Considering both the “impact on business continuity” (horizontal axis) and the “societal and stakeholder perspective” (vertical axis), we have selected elements that are of high importance to both yardsticks.

Pillars of Prosperity (Materiality)

Use of Renewable Energy

Use of 100% renewable energy for in-house energy

Zero Waste

Zero waste through the “3 R” strategy (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle)

Implementing Resource Recycling

Recycling of resources by collecting, refining, and purifying emissions

Control of Environmentally Harmful Substances

Management of greenhouse gases, plastics, and other environmentally harmful substances

Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Providing products and services that meet societal needs while contributing to the sustainability of the planet and society

Maintaining Harmony and Sharing Prosperity with Local Communities

Contributing to local communities and strengthening domestic profitability

Supporting Employee Well-being

We offer a variety of work styles and provide spaces in which all employees can play an active role in the company. In addition, we provide health management to support our employees physically, mentally, and socially, while contributing to their happiness.

Strengthening of Group Governance

Strengthening group governance within management of our conglomerate

Future Initiatives

We regularly review the Pillars of Prosperity and Solutions Businesses from a medium- and long-term perspective, taking into account environmental changes and other factors in order to address social issues and needs as times change.

Solutions Businesses

Clean Energy Solutions

Creating a cleaner environment through technological innovation

Water & Environmental Solutions

Using production and process technologies to regenerate global resources and preserve the global environment through resource recycling and greater harmony with nature

Safety, Security, and Disaster Response Solutions

Supporting the essential foundations of society by first considering harmony with nature through information and communications technology and abundant expertise

Food and Healthcare Solutions

Contributing to the improvement and refinement of medical care and providing a variety of services related to nutrition and healthcare in order to enhance human health and longevity

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation Bioprocess technology
Decarbonization & resource recycling technologies
Functional materials
Device process technologies
Clean transportation
Constant temperature & heat storage technologies
Functional foods, emergency food supplies
Alternative proteins, Agri-Biotech
Ultra-labor-saving smart agriculture responsive to a changing climate Environment-friendly production technologies and processes Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
DX platform
Sensing Robots
8K image processing

Societal Visions & Contributory Themes

Societal Visions

Contributory Themes

SDG Targets

Decarbonized society

To contribute to the emergence of a decarbonized society by curbing greenhouse gas emissions across all business operations

  • Consumption of 100% renewable energy
  • Achievement of zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Implementation of a local production/local consumption energy supply

Resource recycling society

To contribute to the emergence of a society committed to resource recycling that reduces environmental impacts by controlling the generation of waste and promoting the recycling of resources

  • Provision of collection, refining, and purifying systems for industrial emissions
  • Recycling of all waste
  • Creation of recycling-oriented supply chain

A society in which humanity and nature coexist

To contribute to the emergence of a society in harmony with nature by preserving the global environment and creating disaster-resistant communities

  • Effective use of water resources and protection activities
  • Deplasticization and management of chemical substances
  • Provision of solutions to minimize natural disaster-related risks

Smart society

To contribute to the emergence of a safe, affluent, and smart society by utilizing the latest technologies, optimizing social systems, and addressing social issues

  • Provision of products and services that contribute to improved social infrastructure and systems
  • Promotion of smart factories and agriculture
  • Promotion of ICT-driven workstyle reform and health management

A society with healthy longevity

To contribute to the emergence of a healthy and long-lived society by supporting access to high-quality medical care; empowering individuals to promote the prevention and elimination of disease; and providing high-quality food for enhanced health and greater longevity

  • Provision of products and services that contribute to the advancement of medical care
  • Provision of products and services that facilitate self-medication
  • Provision of ingredients that contribute to safety, security and health

Note: The Contributory Themes show the creation of environmental value and societal value supporting the emergence of a desirable society as concrete themes of the Pillars of Prosperity.