Environmental Management

Basic Environmental Policy

The Air Water Group’s business activities are founded on harnessing natural resources like air and water. As such, not only is environmental conservation essential to sustainable corporate growth, but it is only right that we lead efforts to preserve the global environment for future generations. Under this belief, we have defined key environmental issues and Air Water Group Environmental Basic Policy to promote environmental management as a group.

Air Water Group’s Major Issues Related to the Environment

Having made “fighting climate change” the group’s key environmental challenge, we have established a greenhouse gas (i.e., carbon dioxide) emission reduction target, and it is one of the group’s KPIs.
In addition, the Air Water Group has identified effective use of resources, and reduction of chemical risk as major issues related to the environment and is actively working. These major issues are indicated in the international standard “ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility” as issues that need to be addressed by the organization as a whole, and we regard this process as indispensable to the sustained development of the Air Water Group.

Basic Philosophy

We are concerned not only with harnessing air and water resources to make products that benefit industry and lifestyles, but also with ensuring our manufacturing benefits nature itself. Having served their commercial purpose, those resources should return gently and cleanly to their original environment. As a company founded on the laws of nature and the cycle of natural life, acting in accordance with this philosophy is our responsibility to future generations.

Basic Policy

  1. We work on prevention of environmental pollution, global warming countermeasures (mitigation of and adaptation to climate change), effective use of resources, and reduction of chemical risk in all our business activities from research and development to production, sales, logistics, and service.
  2. We research and examine the impact on the environment resulting from our business activities, establish technically and economically feasible goals for reducing environmental load, and promote environmental conservation activities. At the same time, we continually try to improve our environmental management system.
  3. We comply with environmental laws and regulations, establish voluntary standards as necessary, and work for environmental conservation.
  4. We select resources (facilities, raw materials, subsidiary materials, components, etc.) required for business activities that satisfy technological and economic demands, but which also have a small environmental impact and little negative effect on local residents and employees.
  5. Our research & development gives consideration to the environment, safety, and quality, and provides products and goods and develops technologies that contribute to the environment.
  6. We promote acquisition of the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems, and arrange structures for implementing our Basic Environmental Policy.
  7. We use internal publicity and other activities to boost the understanding and awareness of all employees regarding the Air Water Group Basic Environmental Policy. We disclose this Basic Environmental Policy to the general public.

Environmental Management Structure

The Air Water Group’s environmental activities are led by the representative director, who serves as chief environmental officer. As a part of these activities, the Group’s Environmental Management Promotion Department at the Compliance Center, which provides guidance on compliance with environmental laws and regulations at workplaces and plants and at Group companies, promotes activities to reduce environmental load, and supports activities to obtain and maintain ISO 14001 certification.