1.Terms of Use

The Air Water website https://www.awi.co.jp/ (hereafter “this website”)is a website operated by Air Water Inc. Your use of the website constitutes your agreement to be bound by the following terms of use. There may be changes to the content of the site policy; therefore, we recommend that you check the latest content.


Content in the website is the property of third parties for which our company has received permission to use, and is protected by copyright law. With the exception of non-commercial and private use, the reproduction, reprinting, alteration, redistribution, use or translation into other languages of any portion or all of this website without the prior consent of our company is prohibited.


The names of our company's products and services appearing in this website are trademarks owned by our company or for which our company holds the right of use, or registered trademarks. The names of products and services of other companies appearing in this website are trademarks owned by the relevant companies or for which the relevant companies hold the right of use, or registered trademarks.


Information appearing in this website may include inaccuracies and typographical errors. Moreover, our company reserves the right to alter the content of this website, as well as alter the products and services appearing in this website at any time without notice. Users wishing to utilize information appearing in this website are urged to make responsible judgments regarding use of this information in accordance with their own objectives. Users are further asked to be aware that under no circumstances will our company assume responsibility for damage arising from the use of information, products, or services appearing in this website.

5.Use of the website URL

Users are requested to ensure that the URL of this website takes either of the following forms when referring to it in other websites, publications, printed material, documents, etc.

6.About links on this websites

For those who wish to link to this website

This Web site is link-free. You may link directly to any page on this Web site as long as you comply with the prohibitions on use.

You are not required to contact us when linking to our website, but if we deem the content of the linked site to be inappropriate, we may request that the link be removed.

In addition, due to changes in the configuration of this Web site or other reasons, the URLs of linked pages may be changed or the content may be altered without prior notice.Therefore, linking does not guarantee that the linked URL will exist permanently or that the content of the linked site will be maintained in accordance with the intent of the linker.

7.About links on other websites

The contents of websites operated by third parties other than our company that link to this website (hereinafter, “Linked Websites”) are not under our control.
We assume no responsibility for the contents of Linked Websites or any damage caused by using them.
The posting of a link to this website on a Linked Website does not mean that we endorse the use of the Linked Website, or the products, services, companies, etc. displayed on the Linked Website, and it does not necessarily mean that there is any special relationship, such as a partnership, between our company and the Linked Website.

8.Prohibited acts when using this website

The following acts are prohibited in the use of this website:
・The use of various trademarks, logo marks, etc. owned by our company and our group companies without our prior consent;
・Acts that defame, slander or intimidate, or infringe upon the privacy, etc., of our company, our group companies, their respective officers and employees, or third parties;
・Acts that cause, or may cause, disadvantage or damage to our company, our group companies or third parties;
・Acts that are, or may be, offensive to public order and morals;
・Criminal acts or acts that lead to criminal acts, or acts that may correspond to these acts;
・Acts that violate, or may violate, laws, statutes or ordinances;
・The use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that may correspond to these acts; and
・Other acts that we deem to be inappropriate.

We also strictly prohibit the posting of links to this website on websites that correspond to any of the following.
If a Linked Website corresponds to any of the following, we may ask it to remove the link to this website immediately:
・Websites that infringe upon trademark rights or other intellectual property rights;
・Websites with contents that defame, slander or intimidate, or infringe upon the privacy, of our company, our group companies, their respective officers and employees, or third parties;
・Websites with contents that defame or slander the products, services, etc. of our company or our group companies;
・Websites that provide information that violates, or may violate, laws, statutes or ordinances;
・Websites that provide information that is, or may be, offensive to public order and morals or anti-social; and
・Other websites that we deem to be inappropriate.

9.Applicable law and competent court

Unless otherwise provided, use of this website and matters pertaining to this website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Moreover, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive competent court of first trial for all disputes arising in connection with the Website

10.Provision of confidential information such as your ideas

We will refrain from receiving any confidential information (ideas, inventions, etc.) from you through this website. We will handle the personal information you have disclosed to us in accordance with our separately established Privacy Policy; provided, however, that we are not obliged to maintain the confidentiality of any information you have sent us through this website.


This website uses the plug-ins described below. Users who have not installed the plug-ins are requested to download them from the links shown below before they use this website. Please be aware that the plug-ins may be changed without notice.

In order to view PDF files, Acrobat\( \sf ^® \)  Reader\( \sf ^® \)  is required.

Acrobat\( \sf ^® \) Reader\( \sf ^® \) can be downloaded at no charge by clicking here:


The Website uses advanced web technology in some pages, including cascading style sheets (hereafter CSS) and JavaScript. Consequently, use of browsers that are incompatible with these technologies or older versions of browsers may result in limited functionality or instances in which web pages do not display properly.


Please be aware that print outs of displays and the actual screen displays may differ depending on the browser or operating system being used.

14.Encrypted communication (Information security)

A method of encrypting communication (SSL) is employed for all services and contents in order to ensure security. Browsers that are not compatible with SSL cannot access the relevant web pages. If you are using such a browser, please update to an SSL-compatible browser or enable the SSL function of your browser.

Whenever you send data using this website, including personal information, the website encrypts the information to ensure security. For details on how personal information is handled in this website, please read our personal Information Protection Policy.

15.About cookies

This website and some of the websites of our group companies send and receive information called cookies for the purpose of providing you services.
We use cookies primarily for the following purposes:

・In order to assist inputting and to customize distributed contents, such as advertising, e-mails and displayed information, according to your usage in this website and in the services for members provided in the smartphone app, e-mail delivery, etc.; and
・To use as statistical data in a form that does not personally identify you.
Note: We use cookies solely to provide you with services and to analyze your usage; we will not use them for any other purpose.
In addition, we may store and refer to cookie information via a third party based on the entrustment of advertisement distribution and usage analysis, etc. to third parties. You may configure your settings to disable cookies if you do not wish to provide such information; however, you may be unable to use some of the services on this website in this case.

What are cookies?
Cookies are information that is exchanged between the web server and your browser, and may be saved in your device, for efficient operation of the Internet.

Of the information you have provided using cookies, we may obtain attribute information that cannot personally identify you such as your age, gender, occupation and area of residence (limited to information that cannot personally identify you even when combined), device information, your usage history on this website (accessed URLs, content, reference order, etc.), and location information based on your consent/application when using a smartphone, etc. However, cookies do not contain any personal information such as your e-mail address and name. Please note that we may link cookie information with your personally identifiable information in order to provide you with more customized services in member services, e-mail delivery, etc.

16.About access logs

This website and the websites of our group companies record the information about your computer used to access the website as an access log.
We use access logs primarily for the following purposes:
・To identify and resolve the cause of problems that have occurred on the web server;
・To improve the website to make it more satisfying;
・To use your website usage status, etc. as statistical data in a form that does not personally identify you; and
・To customize content distribution such as advertising and e-mails, as well as displayed information, etc., in this website, member services, e-mail delivery, etc.

What are access logs?
Access logs are information such as the domain name and IP address used when you accessed the website, the files you accessed, the type of OS and browser used, and the time of access. We may use your past usage history, etc. to customize access logs in order to link them with personally identifiable information. When access logs are combined with your information, etc. to become personally identifiable information, such information will be handled based on the Privacy Policy established by our company and our group companies.