The Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system suitable for the high-output bands of 1,500 kVA and above. It is primarily deployed in data centers and large semiconductor and pharmaceutical plants. This is an essential device that prevents damage to equipment and products in the event of a voltage drop or power outage while maintaining stable operation. In recent years, the widespread adoption of cloud services and IoT devices has contributed to a rapid increase in the volume of data communications. With the resulting demand growth for new data centers and semiconductor fabrication plants, the global market for high-power UPS systems is expected to maintain its high rate of growth.

The Air Water Group provides a secure supply of a variety of industrial gases essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process. We have also captured a large share of the domestic market for nitrogen fire extinguishing equipment for use in data centers. Moreover, we are committed to finding synergies between our businesses. By proposing comprehensive solutions in the form of important utilities that are essential for the stable operation of data centers and other large-scale plants, we are commercializing “utility solutions” that are crucial to our customers’ business continuity plans.

High-output UPS system solutions

During normal operation, this system consumes energy to maintain the steady rotation of a flywheel. In the event of a power outage or other power abnormality, the flywheel continues to rotate from inertia, which enables it to generate its own power for more than 10 seconds. This provides sufficient time for a backup diesel generator to start operation and begin to generate a continuous supply of auxiliary electrical power.

Hitec Holding B.V.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Hitec Holding B.V. became the industry’s first developer of DRUPS systems in 1956. Leveraging its highly competitive technologies, the company has shipped more than 1,500 DRUPS units worldwide during the more than 60 years since its founding. In addition to its operations in the Netherlands, the company has established a global network with overhaul centers in Houston, U.S.A. and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Power Partners Private Limited

With operations located mainly in Southeast Asia, Power Partners Private Limited provides engineering and maintenance services for UPS systems. Building on its expertise in providing solutions, the company has developed an integrated business spanning system design, procurement, assembly, construction, and maintenance. The company has plans to collaborate with Hitec Holding to develop engineering and technical network services.