We support the frontline of life by providing
“total medical solutions” including the provision of medical gas services.

Air Water offers a wide range of products and services including oxygen and other medical gases indispensable in the clinical environment, hospital facilities for advanced medical site, medical outsourcing services, maintenance services for medical equipment, dental and sanitary materials and injection needles. We will continue to make a broad range of contributions to society through the “total medical solutions” provided by the collaborative efforts of our supply bases and subsidiaries.

Medical gases

We provide a stable supply of various medical gases, such as medical oxygen in which we hold a leading share in Japan, nitric oxide products, liquefied helium for MR imaging and sterilization gas. Ensuring that our medical gases are delivered under all circumstances without any exceptions, we support the lifelines of medical institutions and the lives of patients.

Hospital facilities

We offer complete one-stop solutions encompassing design, construction, consulting, and after-sales services for facilities ranging from operating rooms and intensive care units, which are the core functions of hospitals, to hospital-specific equipment, such as medical gas piping and radiation-related facilities. With our years of experience and advanced technologies, we offer a smart medical environment that meets the needs of our customers and the needs of a medical environment that is evolving and becoming more complicated and sophisticated.
We are also expanding overseas utilizing the know-how that we cultivated in Japan. Establishing our offices in Singapore, China and other countries, we are promoting business that takes advantage of local strengths and Japan’s advanced technologies and quality and safety management.

Medical equipment

We are helping to save lives with our lineup of medical equipment utilizing the latest technologies. We offer a variety of medical equipment, such as endoscope systems applied with 8K imaging technology, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and respiratory-related equipment and operation-related equipment, and detailed services including maintenance to deliver safety and security to our customers.

Hospital services

Utilizing our know-how on sterilizing gas and related equipment, we offer outsourcing services to support effective management and operation of hospitals, including medical supply inventory management and the sterilization of medical instruments.

Home medical care

We help patients with respiratory problems to live comfortably every day through home oxygen therapy, which involves breathing in air that contains more oxygen than normal using an oxygen concentrator. From the development and manufacturing of oxygen concentrators and infusion pumps to the provision of support for each patient, we are working to meet the needs of home medical care while expanding the breadth of our services.

Hygiene materials

Our subsidiary Kawamoto Corporation is a comprehensive supplier of medical and hygiene materials that manufactures and sells medical hygiene products that help hospitals and other products for general use. A wide range of products related to surgery, treatment and infection control is available, providing high-value added products to medical institutions.

Injection needles

Our subsidiary Misawa Medical Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality injection needles that offer a wide variety of applications, including medical, dental, cosmetic and veterinary fields, and supplies them to markets in more than 80 countries around the world. For over 50 years, the company has continued to deliver injection needles manufactured with advanced technologies and quality control to contribute to the development of the medical field.


Through our subsidiary, we manufacture and sell dental technical equipment and materials mainly for dental clinics and dental technical factories and also sell general dental care products through mail order. In addition, we are working to establish dental pulp regeneration treatment using dental pulp stem cells.

Nursing care

We offer a diversity of consumables, such as our originally developed shower equipment, oral care products and health and hygiene products. We have a wide range of nursing care products and equipment that contribute to reducing the burden of nursing care and hospital staff and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of patients.