The Air Water Group is expanding our overseas business in India and North America as core regions as part of our growth strategy toward 2030.
In India, demand for industrial gas is strong due to the expansion of crude steel production.Therefore, we are expanding our business with a view to expanding from the eastern and southern regions where we currently have bases to the northern and western regions, centered on the supply of on-site gas to the steel industry.
In North America, the world's largest industrial gas market, about four times the size of Japan, demand is also expected to grow in new areas, such as hydrogen gas for a decarbonized society.We are expanding our hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas related equipment and engineering areas, and are working to establish an industrial gas supply system.
Engineering technology is the driving force to support these overseas expansions.We have developed an overall business from the design and manufacturing of piping systems and various gas applications to installation and maintenance, by utilizing cryogenic air separation equipment from small to ultra-large scale, gas collection, separation and purification technology using our unique adsorption method, and hydrogen production technology.In addition, we are developing a system engineering business for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which are indispensable for data centers and semiconductor factories to maintain stable operations even in the event of power outages.