We provide “high-quality, reliable and safe farm and food products” for the food culture of the 21\( \sf ^{st} \) century.

The history of Air Water's agriculture and food products dates back over 30 years. Our food business that began with the sales of frozen food using liquefied nitrogen expanded its operations in 2002 to include ham and delicatessen products. In 2009, the company established an agricultural production corporation, Air Water Farm Co., Ltd., to make a full-scale entry into agricultural business. Since then, the business has been expanded to agricultural machines, distribution and processing of fruit and vegetables, and the production of vegetable and fruit juice drinks.
With its integrated in-house operation from the production of vegetables to the processing of food and beverage products as well as the distribution to markets throughout the country, Air Water's agriculture and food products business has brought out maximum Group synergies and created an entirely new type of value chain that has not existed before.

Ham and sausage

We produce high-quality meat products, such as uncured ham, bacon and sausages, at our Group factories and deliver them to customers across the country. For general customers, we offer products under three brands: Shunsetsu, Sagami Ham and Daisen Ham. For commercial customers, we offer products under two brands: Saveur, which is highly evaluated by famous hotels and restaurants and Daisen Ham, which is particularly favored by bakery businesses.

Frozen food

We started our food business with the manufacturing and sales of frozen agricultural and marine products using a liquid nitrogen temperature of minus 196°C. At present, we offer a full lineup of food products from frozen vegetables to various sauces and soups to a wide range of customers including hotels, restaurants, restaurant chains and schools. Our production base, which is located in the vicinity of vegetable farms in Hokkaido and has strong partnerships with outsourcing companies throughout the world, allows us to quickly freeze fresh and seasonal vegetables and deliver a stable supply of frozen food products with the highest quality standards.


Taking advantage of our strength in product development, we manufacture and sell a wide range of sweets, such as frozen cakes, chilled desserts, cream puffs and eclairs for supermarkets and convenience stores. With our renewed production line, we are working to further save labor and enhance the lineup of our chilled products.

Fruit and vegetable wholesale, processing and retail

We process a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as corn, pumpkins, potatoes and onions, grown by contract farmers mainly in Hokkaido and distribute them throughout the country. We have also established an integrated supply chain from production and procurement to distribution, processing and sales through nationwide specialty fruit and vegetable retail stores mainly located in department stores, station buildings and specialty store buildings.

Fresh vegetables

We started growing fresh vegetables in 2009. We use glass greenhouses to grow our vegetables, which allows us to deliver a stable supply of high-quality vegetables, such as tomatoes and lettuce, in a safe and reliable manner and without being affected by climate change. Utilizing our strengths as an industrial gas manufacturer, we also offer a stable supply of carbon dioxide (CO\( \sf _2 \)), which is essential for photosynthesis, into the glass greenhouses.

Agricultural machinery

We manufacture and sell equipment and facilities that support increased productivity in the agricultural production process from cultivation to shipping. We develop unique agricultural machinery that support Hokkaido’s industry, such as beet harvesters and cultivators.


We offer high-quality beverages both on an OEM basis and under our own brands. Our subsidiary Gold-Pak Co., Ltd. produces and sells a variety of beverage products including soft drinks, vegetable beverages and fruit beverages using domestically-produced high-quality vegetables, fruits and natural water. In addition, our subsidiary AW Water Inc. produces and sells mineral water.