With unique technologies and distinct products, these businesses support the growth of the Air Water Group.

Air Water believes that it is indispensable to strategically create new businesses by understanding the trends of the times and nurture them to be the growth drivers. Other businesses, such as O-rings, ECOROCA\( \sf ^® \) (regenerated woody building material) and NV (metal surface treatment), support the growth of the Air Water Group with their unique technologies and distinct products. In addition, we are working to create new businesses that will bring continuous growth and success by accurately identifying the trends of the times, such as SiC, electricity and overseas businesses.

Electronics materials

Our subsidiary Air Water Materials Inc. is a trading company specialized in industrial chemicals, electric and electronic equipment parts, etc. Utilizing the most of its global network of a large number of business bases mainly in East Asia, the company offers high value-added and highly specialized products to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries. These products include electric and electronic materials, functional products, industrial chemicals, chemicals for electronics, wire harnesses, molded products, heat dissipation materials, semiconductor-related products and parts, electrical insulation materials, facility and painting-related products.


Our subsidiary Air Water Bellpearl Inc. is engaged in the development of technologies and products for a wide range of industries by utilizing the characteristics of the company’s originally developed high-function particulate phenolic resin, Bellpearl\( \sf ^® \). Under the three product lines: Bellpearl\( \sf ^® \), a high-function particulate phenolic resin; Bellfine, functional new carbon; and Bellswing\( \sf ^® \), PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) type nitrogen gas generator, the company develops products, from material forms to industrial equipment, based consistently on the application of phenolic-resin technology.


Our subsidiary Air Water Mach Inc. is a manufacturer specialized in various types of sealing materials (rubber and resin molded products), including rubber O-rings and high-precision industrial rubber products. The company sells various types of sealing materials and rubber products to customers in Japan and overseas, such as ultra-high-performance sealing materials for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, custom-made rubber molded products, composite products of dissimilar materials, such as rubber and metal/resin and fluorine resin products.

Metal surface treatment

Our subsidiary Air Water NV Inc. offers services using its “NV process” which applies its “gas activation treatment” originally developed based on advanced gas technologies to metal surface treatment. The company has two domestic plants and overseas plants in Thailand, Philippines and Shanghai. With its broad ranging processing service system that can accommodate both large and small lots, Air Water NV offers optimum solutions for the challenges facing the manufacturers of automobile parts and home electric appliances as they try to save natural resources and reduce size and weight.

Artificial recycled wood (ECOROCA\( \sf ^® \))

Our subsidiary Air Water ECOROCA Inc. manufacturers WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) products under the brand ECOROCA\( \sf ^® \). ECOROCA\( \sf ^® \) is a new-era ecological building material made from recycled and unused resources, such as “waste wood” and “waste plastic” that offer excellent durability, water resistance and heat insulation while maintaining the comfortable texture of wood.


Our industrial gases business consumes a vast amount of electricity in its manufacturing processes. In order to continue stable business operations under any and all circumstances, including a large-scale disaster, we believe that it is crucial to secure baseload power to be able to procure electric power by itself, in principle. Under this belief, we are engaged in the power generation business with renewable energy sources using woody biomass in Hofu City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, Ako City in Hyogo Prefecture and Kanda town in Fukuoka Prefectures.


We have developed our own “3C-SiC (111) on Si substrates” used for products, such as GaN power or GaN RF devices, and supply them to domestic and international customers. We have also successfully established a technology for large-diameter substrates of up to eight inches and mass-produced the substrates, which are deemed most suitable for the growth of GaN (gallium nitride).

Global engineering

Global business is one of the powerful drivers for the sustainable growth of Air Water Group in 2020 and beyond. Currently, we are building up business foundations focused on engineering while strengthening collaborative relationships with local partners and establishing relationships with new partners.
Focusing on North America, we are working to increase market awareness through various equipment and engineering. In the future, we aim to develop the industrial gas supply business taking into consideration the spread of the US version of the VSU business model. We have also entered the high-power UPS system business as a new engineering field. We will work on the commercialization of “utility solutions” that are indispensable for the BCP (business continuity plan) of our customers by offering combined utility solutions that are essential for the stable operation of data centers and large-scale plants.
Identifying industrial gas equipment and high-power UPS system businesses as the two pillars, we will continue to build our business foundations.