We leverage low-temperature management and transportation technologies based on advanced temperature control technologies developed through the independent delivery of low temperature liquefied gases to support the cold chain for food logistics typically provided by third-party logistics operations. In addition, we have a nationwide logistics network enabling the transportation of general cargo, chassis transport between Hokkaido and Honshu, medical transport for blood and source plasma, environmental transport for waste, and the business of designing and modifying truck bodies and other vehicles.

Sea Water

We believe that the sea, where the water meets the air, has the business potential that we seek, as it holds many different latent materials. Accordingly, we have explored a business related to seawater. We engage in the production and sales of salt for business use and for home use. In this domain, we hold the largest share of the market in Japan. Apart from that, we deal in environmental products including water treatment, absorption agents, magnesium hydroxide which is a byproduct of salt production, water treatment facilities and sewerage facilities.