We contribute to the growth and development of life and industry by providing “energy for everyday life which is essential to communities.”

As energy for everyday life used by households and for public facilities such as commercial facilities, factories and hospitals, or as energy for industrial use for Community Gas Utility Service and automotive industry, LP gas and kerosene play a crucial role in our comfortable life in communities.
As an energy and infrastructure company that continues to walk with communities, Air Water has been supplying LP gas for more than half a century since the beginning of the domestic LP gas market. We also actively work on new proposals as new energy solutions, such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) transport and storage tanks, LP gas-powered mobile power supply vehicles and biogas systems based on biomass resources and others.

LP gas

LP gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) emits a small amount of greenhouse gases and therefore plays a major role in the functioning of local communities as an energy source for everyday life that has a low environmental burden. Air Water sells LP gas mainly in Hokkaido and eastern Japan for a broad range of uses from households to businesses, automobiles, engineering and community gas utility businesses. We also launched a wholesale LP gas business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Kerosene is a petroleum product which is a daily used energy source for hot-water supply, room heating, snow melting and road heating. It is an indispensable source of energy particularly in the everyday life in regions where the cold in winter is intense. Air Water directly and reliably delivers kerosene, which is an energy source as equally important as LP gas in these cold regions, to each fuel tank of our customers' homes.

Natural gas (LNG)

Natural gas consists primarily of methane. Due to its low nitric oxide and carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil fuels and close-to-zero emissions of sulfur oxide and soot, natural gas has been attracting increasing attention every year as a next-generation energy source. We offer LNG supply and LNG satellite engineering services.

Life solution

We sell energy supply equipment, such as water heaters, stoves and boilers and provide home equipment, such as kitchens, toilets, unit baths, garages and carports. In addition to energy supply solutions, we offer total support services that are closely aligned to our customers everyday lives and deeply rooted in community life.

LP gas-type mobile power source car

We developed Japan’s first mobile power source car that uses LP gas as a fuel for power generation. As it is LP gas-fueled, fuels for power generation can be procured easily at the time of emergencies and disasters, and the car can be used as a flexible emergency power source during a power failure and in disaster-affected areas.

LNG transport equipment

By utilizing the cryogenic technology and unique know-how in the transportation of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen that have been accumulated over the years, we develop tank trucks and containers that allow us to transport large quantities of LNG over long distances. Focusing on the potential of LNG from early years, we have created a rich lineup of transport equipment that meet diverse transport needs.

LP gas/Kerosene lorries

In addition to supplying LP gas and kerosene, we also sell LP gas bulk lorries and kerosene lorries used for transportation.