Conceptual diagram for creating social value through business activities

The Air Water Group bears “Air” and “Water” in its name, placing these elements at the core of its business. We are fully aware of the preciousness of the earth’s resources and find potential for business in places where air and water exist. We run our business with the attitude of using the technology derived therefrom and returning such elements to the nature thereafter, while sincerely facing global environmental challenges and various social tasks.


In addition, we are an organization/group that has advanced technology and expert knowledge and skills with diverse cultural and historical background. With full of all expertise and human resources, we gather the “wisdom” by helping each other and pursuing synergy. This is how we have created our unique business model to promote technology utilizing the earth’s resources and aim for perpetual growth.


Modern society has numerous issues that must be overcome, which include sluggish domestic regional economy due to population decline, medical and nursing care problems associated with super-aging society, uncertainty over food safety such as mislabeling of food, energy issues due to nuclear accidents and competition for natural resources and environmental issues such as climate change resulting from global warming. We have set the management philosophy of “Backed by an entrepreneurial spirit, we proudly dedicate ourselves and our resources to the creation and development of businesses linking air, water, and the earth.” to contribute to solve these social challenges through our business activities. We will actively address various issues with the “entrepreneurial spirit” and strive to be a corporate group essential to the society.