Since the merger that formed the Air Water Group in 2000, we have expanded the breadth of our business through over 200 M&As. Today, we have evolved into a conglomerate that operates businesses in areas that include: industrial gas and chemicals used in manufacturing; medical devices and services to support people’s life and health; energy, agriculture, and food, which closely impact everyday living; and industries such as logistics, seawater, and the aerosol industry. This broad-ranging business portfolio will help us withstand environmental change and achieve sustainable growth.


Changes in the social environment are leading the world toward carbon neutrality as we see a shift toward “smart society” defined by the deep integration of digital technologies. The age of the 100-year lifespan is also upon us, while the planetary population rises to nearly 10 billion. In such times, sustainable management will be required to achieve sustainable corporate growth by focusing more intently on providing social value through our business activities.


The organizational reform we implemented April 2022 is designed to build a business structure for the Air Water Group headed toward 2030 that is based on a broad range of businesses and anticipated global issues. We therefore set “Global Environment and Wellness” as our two growth axes, and reorganized our businesses into four domains—Digital & Industry, Energy Solutions, Health & Safety, and Agriculture & Foods.


Under this new organizational structure, we are looking to maximize our group synergies to strengthen the Air Water Group’s earnings structure and create new businesses, relying on our strengths—a locality-focused business base along with diversity in business, technology, and human resources. We also aim to achieve more dynamic business growth than ever.


Fulfilling our stated purpose of “Meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings,” means being able to confront and provide solutions for the issues facing our customers and society. I thank everyone for your support as we continue working to generate new value.

Chief Executive Officer