Since its establishment in 1929, the Air Water Group has created valuable products and offered services and solutions, which are essential to our lives and to industries, by combining the various blessings of the Earth, such as air and water, which are used in the company name, with diverse technologies, a unique business model, and the know-how of the Group. Today, we have evolved into a conglomerate that operates a wide variety of businesses in the industrial gas, chemical, medical device and service, energy, agriculture and food, logistics, seawater, and aerosol industries. Thus, we have grown through these diverse enterprises to play an essential role in society as if we were air and water just like our company name.


The greatest strength of the Air Water Group is its network of enterprises, the solid business foundations in eight regions nationwide cultivated through its original business of industrial gas, and the diversity of human resources developed through M&A as the driving force of the group. In a fast-changing business environment, we will maximize our strengths, strive to solve the challenges faced by our customers and communities, and continue to create new value.


The Air Water Group launched its new medium-term management plan, NEXT-2020 Final, which is to be executed for three years from fiscal 2019 to 2021. We shall achieve the long-term business vision, titled the 1 Trillion Yen Corporate Vision, in fiscal 2021, the final fiscal year of our NEXT-2020 Final. At the same time, looking to the future, we shall establish a strong company that allows us sustainable growth during and after fiscal 2022 by adopting our basic concept of Reform = Execution of Innovation.


I sincerely ask our shareholders for their continued understanding and support of the Air Water Group, which continues to advance more forcefully as a conglomerate with rich diversity and the intention to be a growing company forever.

Chief Executive Officer