Air Water Inc. ("the Company") announced that it has decided to support and participate in the Osaka Pavilion (official name: Osaka Healthcare Pavilion Nest for Reborn) to be exhibited by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and others at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

The Company has long been contributing widely to society through the supply of industrial gases, medical care that supports people's lives, and food products for everyday life. With its purpose (the meaning of its existence), Meeting Society's Needs with Nature's Blessings, the Company aims to continue to contribute to solving social issues along the growth axes of the global environment and wellness (the healthy lives of people).

At the same time, the Osaka Pavilion at the exhibition will tell a story of a future urban life after 2050, when medicine and healthcare have been integrated into everyday life.  Here, the Company plans to provide various content and experiences that will encourage visitors to take a new step toward a future society where people's lives shine through the creation of a better living environment and a society where people can live comfortably.

The Company is planning an exhibit based on the theme, Mirai no Kurashi (future living) that will build prosperous and happy lives safely and securely based on the health of people, society and the Earth combining the technologies it has cultivated over the years in fields such as medicine/healthcare, agriculture/food products, resource recycling, and disaster prevention/mitigation.  We will design content that will create inspiring experiences and new surprises for visitors and lead to the realization of a sustainable society through the transformation of people's behaviors even after the exhibition has ended.

Reference: The Osaka Pavilion


Source: Osaka Pavilion 

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