Air Water Inc. (hereafter, the "Company") would like to sincerely express its condolences to the victims of COVID-19 and their families. The Company sincerely hopes that the affected people and those who are facing a difficult situation will recover as soon as possible. 

The Company is pleased to announce that it contributed 100,000 USD in total to the “Fondo Unidos por Ecuador”\( \sf ^{*1} \) for the promotion of vaccinations against COVID-19\( \sf ^{*2} \) that Comite empresarial Ecuatoriano set up upon request of the government of Ecuador on August 6. 

The Company has being helping Ecuador to prevent infections, for instance, sending face masks to Ecofroz S.A., the frozen vegetable manufacturer & distributor that joined the Air Water Group in March 2019. As a more profound supportive measure, the Company donated to the vaccination promotion project of the country, where the number of the COVID-19 infections is increasing. The donation will contribute to health and economic activities while helping limit the risk of spreading of infections. 

The Air Water Group will continue to make efforts in helping those who are subject to the impact of COVID-19 to fulfill its social responsibility and missions as a corporation. 

*1: The fund set and managed by Comite empresarial Ecuatoriano to link the national government's vaccination project with private donations
*2: The national goal set by the government of Ecuador: Vaccinating nine million people (accounting for about 50% of the entire population) within 100 days (after the start of the administration on May 24)


We will be working toward achieving the sustainable development goals, or SDGs. This initiative corresponds to the following development goals.


3 Good health and Well-being

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