Air Water Inc., together with The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated and The Japan Research Institute, Limited, applied to participate in publicly offered New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project, the Development of Technologies for Realizing a Hydrogen Society/Technological Development Using Regional Hydrogen/Hydrogen Production and Utilization Potential Study. As a result, our Study on the Establishment of a Complete System Using Regional Hydrogen Mainly at the Yoshinoura Multi-Gas Turbine Power Plant in the Okinawa Area has been approved.

   This study aims to establish a complete system utilizing regional hydrogen mainly at the Yoshinoura multi-gas turbine power plant that will integrally realize the establishment of a hydrogen society, decarbonization, and the promotion of industry in the Okinawa area.

Specifically, this survey include:

(1) Hydrogen co-firing at the gas turbine power plant

(2) Regional hydrogen production by reforming LNG and utilizing local renewable energy

(3) Promotion of industry using CO2 and carbon nanotubes produced during hydrogen production

(4) Large-scale hydrogen import base at the power plant

(5) We will conduct a study on the potential of hydrogen utilization in each region and compile the results in fiscal 2022.


   The Okinawa area has to rely on thermal power because it is difficult to develop hydraulic and nuclear power plants due to geographical and topographical constraints and the size of demand. Hydrogen co-firing generation is therefore an important initiative to help reduce CO2 emissions from the thermal power sources in the area.


   Air Water, which has hydrogen technology and knowledge and operates industrial gas business nationwide, will work with Okinawa Electric Power Company, an energy provider in Okinawa Prefecture, and The Japan Research Institute, which has an extensive track record on surveys on hydrogen utilization and regional energy business, will establish a sustainable energy system through this survey and strive to balance measures to provide a stable supply of energy and combat global warming to contribute to society.


Survey Project Period: FY2021 - FY2022

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