Air Water Inc. today announced its decision to construct a new Group's complex specializing in electronics-related businesses in Ozu, Kikuchi, Kumamoto. In June, we plan to begin construction of a business complex for electronics-related industries including businesses related to the semiconductor device manufacturer whose construction has already started nearby.

1. Overview
 The Air Water Group provides a wide range of products and services that support the semiconductor manufacturing value chain, such as the supply of nitrogen gas from large on-site plants, specialty gases, specialty chemicals, supply devices and functional materials.

Currently, in Kikuchi, Kumamoto, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), the world's largest manufacturer of commissioned semiconductors is constructing a manufacturing plant (operated by JASM*). As it is expected that domestic and overseas semiconductor-related companies will gather in this location in the future, we have decided to construct a business complex specializing in electronics-related businesses in the nearby area to promote the fulfillment of the growing demand for semiconductor materials. (*JASM: Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing)

In the complex, we will construct a warehouse for the storage of specialty gases, specialty chemicals, basic chemicals, etc. which are essential for semiconductor manufacturing mainly for JASM and establish a fine-tuned supply system that prevents shortages in the supply chain.

In addition, our group companies that manufacture and sell gas purification equipment, semiconductor materials, and various components will work together to provide sales and maintenance services close to customers in semiconductor-related businesses in the same district, aiming to expand our business.
We also intend to construct an industrial gas manufacturing plant that will manufacture nitrogen and other gasses on the premises of the complex in the future and supply them to neighboring semiconductor manufacturing factories, etc.

2. Outline of the complex
(1) Location: Sugimizu, Ozu machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto
(2) Site area: Approx. 21,000 m2
(3) Main facilities: Warehouse building for specialty gasses, specialty chemicals, and chemicals, office/maintenance building
(4) Construction schedule: Planned to be started in June 2023 and completed in summer 2024

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