We take a corporate divestiture to transfer a part of the medical business within the Medical Products Unit of the Company to Air Water Medical Inc. (AW Medical), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, effective July 1, 2023.
Through this, we will establish an integrated system for the development, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of medical equipment and nursing care products that will lead to the improvement of people's health and the reduction of the burden on medical personnel, and focus on the development of products that more accurately meet the various needs of the medical field than ever before.

1. Background and purpose of this reorganization
As a leading company in medical oxygen, our Health & Safety (medical-related) business has expanded its business to include the supply of medical gases as well as related businesses such as medical equipment and nursing care products for use in medical institutions, nursing care facilities, and patients' homes. In response to the recent spread of the new type of coronavirus infection, we have responded to the ever-changing needs of the medical field by increasing production and shipping of oxygen concentrators as well as ensuring a stable supply of medical oxygen.
Meanwhile, the environment surrounding medical care in Japan is becoming more and more severe, with the construction of "community-based comprehensive care systems" being promoted in response to the super-aging society, and the importance of home medical care is also increasing. In addition, there is an absolute shortage of medical personnel, and the revised Medical Service Act, which aims to improve the working environment and ensure the health of physicians, is scheduled to come into effect in April 2024. Furthermore, the concept of self-medication has become widespread, and the number of consumers interested in their health is increasing.

Under these circumstances, AW Medical has decided to concentrate its human, technological, and other resources into AW Medical in order to promote the development, manufacture, and sale of medical devices and nursing care products that improve people's health, reduce the burden on medical personnel, and improve the quality of life of patients at home, without being confined to the conventional framework of medical care. Positioning AW Medical as a core company in the medical business, we will focus on product development that more precisely meets the various needs of the medical field, such as ease of use, labor saving, and DX promotion, while improving the level of service through an integrated system from product development to manufacturing, sales, and maintenance.

In the future, we will promote the transformation into a "healthcare company" that transcends the boundaries of conventional medical care by growing healthcare products in the home and rehabilitation fields and the digitization of medical care as future business pillars, thereby contributing to the wellness of as many people as possible and the realization of sustainable regional healthcare delivery systems, We will contribute to the wellness of as many people as possible and to the realization of sustainable regional healthcare delivery systems.


2. Air Water Medical Inc. company profile 


*As of July 1, 2023 (tentative)

Trade name

Air Water Medical Inc.

(Formerly known as Ikiken Inc.; trade name changed on October 1, 2022)

Head Office Address 2-12-27 Shinsayama, Sayama City, Saitama
Business ・Development, manufacture, sales and repair of medical equipment
・Manufacture and sale of nitric oxide and its administration equipment
・Development, manufacturing and sales of nursing care bath shower equipment
Capital stock

290 million yen

Establishment   February 1, 1963

Air Water Inc. 100%

Branches Minato-ku, Tokyo; Kawagoe City, Saitama; Osaka City,  Osaka
Sales revenue Approx. 15 billion yen (projected for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, consolidated figures for our divested business and AW Medical)



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