Air Water Inc. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has purchased shares of Remohab Inc. (head office: Suita-shi, Osaka; president; Tatsunori Taniguchi; hereinafter “Remohab”), a start-up company that aims to commercialize a rehabilitation system that supports telemedicine/home medical care for patients with heart disease, from Remohab’s shareholders, including a venture capital firm, and has subscribed to a private placement of shares issued by Remohab. As a result, the Company had acquired 63.2% of the total outstanding shares of Remohab as of March 11, 2022.


Remohab is a start-up company founded by Dr. Tatsunori Taniguchi, a cardiologist, in 2017 spurred by an initiative to identify needs based on Japan Biodesign Program*1, a human resources development program for medical device innovation. Remohab is developing an online managed heart rehabilitation system that provides rehabilitation services to patients with cardiac disease through remote monitoring. Aiming to commercialize the system in FY2024, Remohab is now proceeding with clinical trials led by doctors.

2.Current situation and initiatives related to cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medical treatment program for patients with myocardial infarction or other cardiac disorders and for patients who have undergone heart surgery, and aim to inhibit and reduce the progress of disease states and enable a comfortable and active life. Public medical insurance is applicable, in principle, and aerobic exercise, muscle-strengthening exercises and other exercise therapy and livelihood guidance may be provided under the supervision of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other specialist staff.
Many facilities handling cardiac rehabilitation have rehabilitation facilities within the hospital and provide treatment not only when patients are hospitalized but also when outpatients visit hospitals. While the risk of relapse and rehospitalization rate are recognized as decreasing when cardiac rehabilitation is undertaken*2, the percentage of those who visit hospitals to undergo and continue cardiac rehabilitation remains low, reflecting a lack of social awareness or other circumstances such as work commitments or travel distances to hospitals.
To resolve these issues, Remohab is working on practical application of a system that can allow patients who stay home to go through safe and appropriate cardiac rehabilitation using devices and equipment that are remotely managed and adjusted by hospitals. When patients use wearable cardiography equipment and IoT-type exercise bicycles, the system will enable hospitals to monitor patients’ appearance and vital signs through an app on a real-time basis.

3.Outline of share acquisition

(1) Date of share acquisition: March 11, 2022 
(2) Percentage of share acquisition: 63.2% of total outstanding shares

4.Overview of Remohab Inc. (as of February 28, 2022)

(1) Head office: 1-23-19 Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka
(2) Established: March 2017
(3) Representative: Tatsunori Taniguchi
(4) Capital: 100 million yen
(5) Number of employees: 19

*1: A program started by Dr. Paul Yock and his team at Stanford University in 2001 for nurturing human resources who would become the driving force for medical device innovation based on design thinking.  In Japan, Osaka University, The University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University led the launch of the Japan Biodesign Program in August 2015 in collaboration with Stanford University. Courses, etc. called a fellowship for a period of approximately one year are held each year.
*2: Source: 2021 Guideline on Rehabilitation in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

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