We are working on the development of unique “high value-added chemical materials” that are indispensable to the world.

We are working on the development of unique “high value-added chemical materials” that are indispensable to the world. With new functional materials focused on quinone-based products as the pillars of our chemical business, we utilize our production bases around Japan and the world to meet the various material development needs of customers.

Quinone-based products

Our subsidiary Kawasaki Kasei Chemicals Ltd. developed catalysts and processes that allow a high-yield production of high-purity naphthoquinone, an intermediate in the oxidation of naphthalene, by making the most of the oxidation technology, which is one of their strong areas. Using this naphthoquinone as a raw material, we are developing new derivatives with unique properties, such as redox and physiological activities, flame and heat resistance, light absorption and radical scavenging.

Organic acid products

Our subsidiary Kawasaki Kasei Chemicals Ltd. manufacturers various types of organic acid products, such as phthalic anhydride, succinic acid, fumaric acid and MAXIMOL based on the know-how and advanced technologies that have been cultivated over many years. These chemicals are used as intermediate raw materials for resins, foods, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Development of oxidation technologies and new products

Utilizing advanced separation and synthesis technologies, Air Water focuses on the development and production of high value-added fine chemicals that are used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and electronic materials. We have multi-purpose facilities established in Japan and overseas to meet the various needs of our customers and production systems in place to provide products that customers want.

Custom synthesis

Our subsidiary Sun Chemical Co., Ltd. offers custom synthesis services focused on fine chemical products, such as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and electronic material intermediates. Since its founding in 1970, the company has been utilizing technologies and know-how accumulated from a diverse range of production results to quickly respond to customer requests.

Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical intermediates

As the leading global manufacturer of heterocyclic compounds, we meet the development needs of agrochemical manufacturers both at home and abroad for various derivatives. We offer custom synthesis services based on our advanced technical capabilities and stable supply systems.

Electronic circuit materials

Our subsidiary Printec Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic materials and printed circuit boards, which has been offering high-quality products based on the three business pillars of circuit materials, circuit products and package substrates since its founding in 1981. Establishing an integrated production system from development study to commercialization, the company has been producing highly practical products.

Carbon materials

We manufacture “TEG (thermally expandable graphite)” and “FR (hydrocarbon resin)” using natural graphite and petroleum by-product oil procured from both Japan and overseas. These products are additives that add properties, such as strength and flame retardancy and are used as automotive interior and building materials.