We supply a variety of aerosol products ranging from coating materials and automotive parts to cosmetics, household products, quasi-pharmaceutical products and industrial products.

We manufacture and sell various types of aerosol products indispensable to our daily life and manufacturing by utilizing our advanced gas technologies.


Taking advantage of our production network that allows for the manufacture of various aerosol and liquid-filled products and of our research and development capabilities in a wide array of fields, we are involved in a diverse range of product development from quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products and household products to industrial products. We have been expanding markets for both our OEM business, which provides total support to meet customers' needs from designing of standards and proposing prescriptions to production and our manufacturing business for products offered under Air Water Sol's brand.
We have also been working to improve our aerosol and liquid refill manufacturing technology and introducing original facilities to address increased demand and complex packaging. We have established a production system that allows us to deliver a wide variety of products.