Air Water Group at a Glance

We effectively use our planet’s air, water,
and other irreplaceable assets,
for the purpose of making a meaningful
contribution to our fellow human
beings across the globe.

Group’s Outline

  • Consolidated Result

    809.1billion yen
    Operating profit
    50.6billion yen (FY2019)
  • Capital


  • Established


  • Head Office


  • Number of Bases

  • Number of Employees (consolidated)


  • Number of Group Companies

    (consolidated subsidiaries: 171)

  • Number of M & A conducted (Since 2000)


A Wide Range of Business Domains

Net sales 801.5 billion yen

  • Industrial Gases

    189.0billion yen

  • Chemical

    27.5billion yen

  • Medical

    187.9billion yen

  • Energy

    52.0billion yen

  • Agriculture and Food Products

    137.3billion yen

  • Logistics

    50.4billion yen

  • Seawater

    40.0billion yen

  • Other

    125.1billion yen

Group’s Strength of Business ~Our products and services that have top market shares~

  • Industrial Gases Business

    Dry ice production

    180,000t/year (Largest domestic share)

  • Chemical Business

    Naphthoquinone production

    100 domestic share
    (Only produced by us in Japan)

  • Medical Business

    Sterilization gas

    2,300t/year (Largest domestic share)

  • Energy Business

    Households that use LP gas in Hokkaido

    (Largest share in Hokkaido)

  • Agriculture and Food Products Business

    Raw ham production

    2,800t/year (Largest domestic share)

  • Logistics Business

    Plasma transport for Japan Red Cross Society

    100% share (Providing all the domestic transport)

  • Seawater Business

    Amount of salt produced

    400,000t/year (Largest domestic share)

  • Aerosol Business

    Types of aerosol spray can produced

    300types (Highest capability in the domestic industry)

Our Basic Management Policies

Management Philosophy

Backed by an entrepreneurial sprit, we dedicate ourselves and our resources to the creation and development of businesses linking air, water and the earth.

Management Philosophy

Our Strength

All-Weather Management System Order Rodentia Style of Business M&A Strategy Regional Strategy

With dynamism and flexibility, the Air Water Group is pioneering a new age by strengthening its business foundations as an industrial gas supplier and pursuing an aggressive M&A strategy to expand its business domains.

Our Strength

Meet Business Environment Changes and Realize Sustainable Corporate Growth

Revenue Operating profit(IFRS) Ordinary income(JGAAP)


Stock ChartTSE 1st (Code:4088)

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The Long-term Vision to be a
“Trillion-yen Company” by Fiscal 2020

A Variety of Businesses Solving Social Issues