Company with Business Related to Air, Water, and the Earth Chief Executive Officer Kikuo Toyoda

The Air Water Group is a conglomerate of many different business enterprises that have grown and expanded through M&A as its driving force. Because of the fusion of different corporate cultures, a culture accepting of differences and diversity is rooted within the Group. This diversity is also the strength of our group, whose basic strategy is the Order Rodentia Style of Business. To further deepen our all-weather management system that enables us to continue steady growth in any business environment by promoting the diversification of businesses and strengthening profitability, we believe that diversification and diversity will take on greater importance for future business expansion. As for our current promotion of diversity, we focus on the creation of working environments where women can play an active role and where we emphasize the acceptance of a variety of human resources from the outside. Thus, we are promoting a variety of reforms while fostering the development of younger employees. I am confident that these reforms will lead to the development of each employee and the expansion of the entire group.

There is another factor that we must not overlook in order to continue our growth; we have to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders. ESG investment has become widespread in recent years, and the trend where companies focus on ESG is accelerating. I assume that behind this trend is an increasing movement to make SDGs more widespread, which is a global action plan towards sustainable economic development adopted by the United Nations. We are in an age where we cannot expect growth unless we expand our vision worldwide to become a global company.

Our Group coincidentally states in its management philosophy that we dedicate ourselves and our resources to the creation and development of businesses linking air, water and the earth. In other words, the company declares in its principles of management that it will work for the Earth. I believe that this very viewpoint of the world, a viewpoint ahead of the times, is necessary for us to continue to develop in the future while meeting expectations from every stakeholder of the Group. With our achievement to work for the Earth, we must be a company qualified to use the phrase “of the Earth” confidently by practically working for the Earth. For this reason, now is the time to return to our origin, united as one in the entire Group, and aim to be Air Water with the spirit of innovation that provides the services desired by the world.