With dynamism and flexibility, the Air Water Group is pioneering a new age by strengthening its business foundations as an industrial gas supplier and pursuing an aggressive M&A strategy to expand its business domains.


All-Weather Management System

“All Weather Management System” is a management strategy that strives for consistently stable earnings while pursuing an optimal balance of business structure between industry-related businesses (industrial gases and chemicals) and lifestyle-related businesses (medical, energy, agriculture and food products, etc.). Rather than relying on a single business to deliver corporate growth through the selection and concentration of management resources, Air Water considers its main business to be the business of expansion. Air Water anticipates the needs of the next generation, strives to diversify its businesses and strengthen its earning power, and establish a business structure which is unaffected by the fluctuations in business conditions.

Order Rodentia Style of Business

“Order Rodentia Style of Business” is a unique growth strategy for Air Water business divisions and affiliated medium-sized companies including regional companies and companies in the Air Water Group, which imitates characteristics of rodents, that are said to be the most prosperous order of mammals. When an asteroid hit the earth and caused a dramatic change in the environment, dinosaurs were unable to adapt and died out. However, rodents grew larger ears and brains, shrank in size, and became tough and resilient. Air Water achieves sustainable growth by continually cultivating and producing medium-sized companies that—like rodents—are agile enough to adapt to environmental changes and that have the vitality to flexibly develop new fields and new businesses.

M&A Strategy

For Air Water, the M&A process if not a process of simple “addition” but rather a process of “multiplication” filled with infinite possibilities. We see M&A as a way of succeeding to the technology, knowhow, and the business contacts and relationships of another company in one fell swoop, in other words, buying the “time” spent and the “human resources” nurtured by that company. Our strategy is to share the Air Water Group’s Management Philosophy and Action Guidelines with every target company, while at the same time respecting its independence, with a view to successfully integrating the organizational climate, human resources and technologies of each target company into the Group, capturing synergies and creating new value.