Offering high value-added logistics services through a low-temperature logistics network

Our logistics business utilizes low-temperature management and transportation technology using the advanced temperature control technology that we have cultivated through the in-house transport of low-temperature liquefied gas. We have expanded the business into a variety of fields, including food logistics (mainly the 3PL (third party logistics) business), medical logistics for the transportation of blood, general cargo transport, container transport and even design and mounting of truck bodies, etc.

High-pressure gas transport services

We deliver high-pressure gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, by means that are best suited to our customers, ranging from liquefied gas tank trucks to trailers, and using our extensive logistics network across the country to ensure the delivery is made in a safe and speedy manner. The transport know-how and low-temperature technology, which have been cultivated through our delivery of high-pressure gases over many years, have provided the basis for various logistics services that we offer today.

General cargo transport services

Utilizing our logistics network that link all parts of Japan, we transport general cargo, such as agricultural products, construction materials, livestock feed and fertilizers, chemical and industrial products. We offer high value-added logistics solutions by combining road transportation with trailers and heavy-duty vehicles and the network of ferry routes that provide access throughout the country. Owning a wide variety of vehicles is also one of our major advantages.

Food logistics services

We operate a unique logistics center utilizing constant low-temperature technology and an extensive food transportation network. Along with these infrastructures, we use the temperature control technology that we cultivated in our gas business field to distribute food and beverage products lined up in supermarkets and convenience stores. We also offer new value-added solutions in a wide range of fields, from proper inventory management operations to joint logistics (joint storage) and distribution processing.

Bodywork services

Our subsidiary Hokusha is a coachbuilder specialized in manufacturing bodies of trailers and tanker trucks that are essential for freight transportation and bodies of special vehicles. To answer the diversifying needs of today’s logistics services, we believe that is an important business that shapes our unique logistics business offering “not only transport services but also optimal bodies”. We manufacture custom-made bodies under the integrated production system from material processing to production.