Nitriding Process is adopted in CVTs
for the Compact Cars
that are Attracting Worldwide Attention

NV Nitriding Technology
Demonstrates Tremendous Potential

The NV Nitriding Process, a cutting-edge technology
developed by Air Water, has already demonstrated its outstanding capability
and performance in various fields.

This new technology is used in the metal belts of CVTs
produced by Japan's leading automakers.

The frontier technology-equipped CVT is a transmission that consists of two pulleys, drive (input) and driven (output), in which the width of the groove is varied with hydraulic pressure, with two bundles of rings that connect the pulleys, and metal belts composed of a large number of parts called elements. Together with a multiplate wet clutch, the mechanism functions as an automatic transmission. This speed-change device, which changes gears steplessly with fully electronic hydraulic control, is noteworthy because its performance approaches the ideal for gear changing.

In this epoch-making system, the metal belt plays an important role. Our NV Nitriding technology has produced a strong yet supple metal belt that can transfer engine torque efficiently.

In Low Gear
In High Gear
In low gear In high gear

NV Nitriding Treatment enhances the wear resistance and tensile and fatigue strength of sliding mechanical parts - for example, the metal belt that plays an essential role in transferring the torque of the engine. Being highly durable and supple, the metal belt can transfer the turning force effectively without slipping even if the width of the pulley groove becomes larger and the transfer pitch becomes smaller.