Research & Development

System for R&D

Air Water R&D Co., Ltd.

Air Water R&D Co., Ltd. is a business company focused on research and development, which plays a central role in the diverse technologies held by the Air Water Group. Based in three research institutes located in Matsumoto, Sakai and Amagasaki, Air Water R&D develops technologies with high priority in the medium- to long term, supervises technology development throughout the Group, and pursues further advancement of high value-added technologies.

Market Development Division of Company

The Market Development Divisions of our companies are organizations which perform technological development directly connected to industrial, chemical, medical treatment, daily life-related, and energy businesses carried out by their companies. This division plays the role of connecting research and development with customers, which includes pioneering new markets for technologies developed by research institutes, materials evaluation and product development that meet customers' technological needs, and the feedback of information to the research institutes.

Matsumoto Institute
■Institute Profile

Matsumoto Institute plays a central role in the research activities of Air Water Group. The institute works on a diversity of themes from critical technologies to new technologies, including gas applications and technology related to electronics and materials, and undertakes the supervision of all the technologies and the management of all the intellectual properties of the Group.

■Research Themes
Gas applied technology
Electronics materials & Functional resin materials
Medical gas technology
Principal Technologies & Products
  • 3C-SiC(111) on Si heteroepitaxial wafers for GaN (Gallium Nitride)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generator
  • Pulse tube refrigerator
  • Electrode material for LIB, LIC & DLC
  • NO gas “INOflow®
  • Other new technologies
Sakai Institute
■Institute Profile

Sakai Institute performs research and development specializing in industrial gas, including gas processing. The Institute serves as a base for disseminating technologies, such as cryogenic air separation technology (notably “V1” and “VSU”) and gas recovery and recycling systems, to Air Water's industrial gas businesses operating across the country,.

■Research Themes
Gas processing technology
Gas applied technology
Gas collection and recycling technology
Principal Technologies & Products
  • Cryogenic air separation technology (V1, V2, V3, VSU)
  • VP facilities & PSA oxygen facilities
  • VH hydrogen gas generator
  • Gas recovery and refining system
  • VCP centrifugal pump for liquid gas
Amagasaki Institute
■Institute Profile

In collaboration with Air Water NV Co., Amagasaki Institute performs research focusing on advances in metal surface treatment technology using the “NV gas nitriding process” (gas activation treatment).

■Research Themes
Metal surface treatment technology
Principal Technologies & Products
  • NV (Gas nitriding and carburizing metal surface treatment technology)
Market Development Division of Industrial Company
■Market Development Division Profile

The Market Development Divisions of our industrial companies are engaged in market development including the preparation of proposals for more efficient gas processing for customers through the introduction of new gas application technology and evaluations of and proposals for processing of gas materials for semiconductor film deposition, carrying out our basic mission of “providing technological solutions through the effective use of industrial gas.”

■Development Themes
Gas generator
Gas application
Electronics materials
Principal Technologies & Products
  • Co-jet burner & DOC burner
  • QuickSnow dry ice snow precision cleaning system
  • Liquid nitrogen applied technology
  • Specialized Material Gas for semiconductor deposition
Market Development Division of Chemical Company
■Market Development Division Profile

The Market Development Divisions of our chemical companies carry out materials evaluation of and product development for carbon materials, development of functional resin materials for electronics, and contracted manufacturing of a variety of fine chemicals at our company's synthesis plant. Through the effective use of advanced chemical technologies and our own facilities, the divisions offer optimum solution proposals that meet our customers' needs.

■Development Themes
Carbon materials
Fine chemicals
Principal Technologies & Products
  • Thermally expandable graphite “TEG”
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Flame retardant “Moehen Z”
  • Functional resin materials for electronics
  • Hydrocarbon resin “FR”
Market Development Division of Medical Company
■Market Development Division Profile

The Market Development Division of our medical treatment company promotes technology development for medical gas and medical equipment. In addition to strengthening sales of the company's own products, including clinical research on the company's original NO gas “INOflow” and improvement of the function of “OXY,” an oxygen concentrator for home medical care, the division is also actively involved in the introduction of overseas technologies and products.

■Development Themes
Medical Gas
Medical Equipment
Principal Technologies & Products
  • Home care equipment
  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • New born medical equipment
Market Development Division of Life Solution Energy Company
■Market Development Division Profile

The Market Development Division of our life solution energy company promotes product development and proposals for new uses of energy in society. The division is expanding sales of products that utilize Air Water's unique technologies and know-how, including Japan's first LP Gas-type mobile electric power source car and one of Japan's largest LNG tank trucks.

■Development Themes
LP Gas-related equipment
LNG-related equipment
Energy solution technology
Principal Technologies & Products
  • LP Gas-type mobile power source car
  • LNG transport and storage tank
  • Biomass and natural energy applied technology