Investor Relations

Business Risk Factors

The forward-looking statements in this Web site regarding estimates of business performance and predictions of future developments reflect Management's judgments based on currently available information, but also involve potential risks and uncertainties. Actual business performance could be significantly different from the projections made herein due to changes in various factors. The primary potential risk factors are summarized below.

  • Significant changes in demand in East Asia, an important market for our major customers Progress in passing on to the customer increased costs resulting from higher LPG and kerosene contract prices and rising crude oil prices
  • Increased transport expenses, including the costs of light oil, fuel oil, ocean freight, and air freight due to rising crude oil prices
  • Increased raw materials costs for our frozen food business
  • Decreased sales or reduced profits for our medical gases and medical services resulting from revision of national insurance drug and medical examination reimbursement prices
  • Risks arising from a production problem, product defects, accidents, etc.
  • Risks arising from the failure of merger and acquisition activities or other investments to perform as anticipated
  • Risks arising from the failure to implement adequate measures such as business expansion and cost reductions in response to competition
  • Increased cost of compliance as a result of revised or newly implemented environmental laws and regulations
  • Risks due to natural disasters and other potential risks