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New Mid-term Management Plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3”(FY2016~18)

Air Water, Inc. announced its new three-year Mid-term business plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3” which starts FY 2016.This“NEXT-2020 Ver.3”stands as the third step for the long-term growth vision “Vision for a 1 trillion yen Company 2020,”which aims to achieve sales of one trillion yen over the ten-year period starting from 2010 up to 2020.

Basic consept for the mid-term management plan

The new mid-term management plan "NEXT-2020Ver.3" (fiscal 2016-18), two of the following was positioned as a management issue.
Air Water has established a suitable framework in order to achieve 1 trillion yen company in fiscal 2020, we will further refine a strong business structure to changes in the environment.In addition, we recognize that it is necessary to start from now to the foundation measures.Air Water aims to be a company to sustainable growth and development beyond 2020.

Management Issues

Basic concept for the mid-term management plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3”

Air Water will promote the efforts to further enhance the real value of basic management words "All-Weather Management System" and "Order rodentia Style of Business". We will continue to achieve the plan by the specific strategy execution of each business areas.

3 implementation measures

  • Pursuit of ultimate solution services and realization of innovation
  • Strengthening of corporate structure by implementing business structural reform
  • Challenges towards issues for post 2020

Management Targets

Numerical targets for New medium-term business plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3”

(unit:100 million yen)

  FY2015 (Forecast) New medium-term management plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3”
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Net Sales 6,606 7,000 7,700 8,500
Operating income 395 425 460 510
Ordinary income 351 420 460 510
Net income 201 230 260 290
Presentation document New medium-term management plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3” / briefing sessions (PDF)

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*The numerical targets and forecasts contained in this document are based on currently available information and are subject to hidden risks and uncertainties. Please note, therefore, that the actual results of Air Water could differ materially from these projections, due to changes in various factors.