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Air Water commissions new large air separation plant at Wakayama Plant

Mar 14, 2006

Osaka, March 14, 2006 – Air Water Inc. (AWI) recently commissioned a new large cryogenic air separation plant which had been under construction at the company’s Wakayama Plant that lies adjacent to Sumitomo Metal Industries Wakayama Steel Works. Bringing the new plant into operation will assure more stable supplies of industrial gases to the Sumitomo Metal Ind. works.

To date AWI’s Wakayama Plant had met demand by running four plants at full capacity for a combined capacity of 50,000 Nm3/hour. The company decided to construct the new No. 12 Plant in response to requests from Sumitomo Metal Ind. for greater stability in its supply of oxygen gas. The new plant will alleviate strains in the supply system and thereby assure higher levels of safety and stability.

With the commissioning of the new plant, the company has taken the No. 9 Plant out of operation and put the No. 8 Plant on back-up status. The new No. 12 Plant boosts total generating capacity of the four plants now in operation to 65,000 Nm3/hour and the upgraded production system will lead to substantial increases in overall efficiencies as well as to greater plant safety and supply stability.

The new plant brings together AWI and Shinko Air Water Cryoplant, Ltd. unique air separation technologies to increase efficiencies, to lower costs and to reduce maintenance requirements in a plant of this size. The new plant also boasts increased generating capacity while cutting power consumption by reducing energy losses to a minimum.

New air separation plant profile

Type: Nitrogen/oxygen co-generation plant
Capacity: 25,000 Nm3/hour (oxygen)
Location: AWI Wakayama Plant, 1850 Minato, Wakayama
Commissioned: March 9, 2006

AWI Wakayama Plant profile

Location: 1850 Minato, Wakayama
Site area: 52,000 sq.m.
Oxygen generating capacity:
 No.08 Plant   10,000 Nm³/hour
 No.10 Plant   15,000 Nm³/hour
 No.11 Plant   15,000 Nm³/hour
 No.12 Plant(new) 25,000 Nm³/hour
 Total        65,000 Nm³/hour
Employees: 34
Plant manager: Toshiaki Onishi

CONTACT: S. Kishi and J. Ishino
Public Relations, Air Water Inc.
20-16, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-chome,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0083
TEL: 06-6252-5411 / FAX: 06-6252-396

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