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Air Water and NSCC Air Water commission industrial gas plant in Kumamoto- will boost sales strength in Kyushu –

Feb 14, 2006

Osaka, February 14, 2006 – Air Water Inc. (Osaka) and NSCC Air Water Inc. (Tokyo) have recently built and commissioned a VSU compact liquid nitrogen/oxygen co-production plant at NSCC Air Water in Kumamoto. The new plant will enable the Air Water group to provide more stable supplies of medical gases and to increase its industrial gas sales strength in Kyushu.

Air Water has, to date, relied on road tanker transport for deliveries and sales of industrial and medical gases to its customers in southern Kyushu. The commissioning of the new plant establishes a manufacturing base for southern Kyushu that will enable the company to respond more flexibly to local demand requirements and to provide more stable supplies of these gases. The new plant will also reduce the environmental impact of long-distance transportation logistics.

The new VSU plant was developed using proprietary Air Water technology. Based on the twin turbine, CFC-free low environmental load, high efficiency, low cost and small installation footprint design of Air Water’s first VSU plant operating in Niigata, the new plant incorporates advances that further minimize energy losses, reduce power consumption and raise gas production efficiencies.

Newly commissioned VSU outline

  • Type

    Compact liquid nitrogen/oxygen co-production plant
    (manufactured by Air Water Plant& Engineering Inc.)

  • Capacity

    2,380 Nm³/h
    Liquid oxygen:  700 Nm³/h
    Liquid nitrogen: 1,680 Nm³/h

  • Site

    NSCC Air Water Inc.
    1320-12 Aza Higashiyanagimachi, Matsuyamamachi, Uto City, Kumamoto

  • Commissioned

    February 14, 2006

CONTACT: S. Kishi and J. Ishino
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