Environmental & Social

Message from the CEO

Masahiro Toyoda  Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer Air Water Inc.

Progress of Medium-term Business Plan“NEXT-2020 Ver.3”

The Air Water Group is steadily carrying out initiatives in each business area in line with our Medium-term Management Plan “NEXT-2020 Ver.3,” which is the third step in our long-term growth vision formulated in 2010, “Vision for a 1 trillion yen Company” by fiscal 2020. The plan has a basic concept of “Challenges for structural reform and sustainable growth,” and in the initial fiscal year of the plan (fiscal 2016), earnings from the industrial gas business increased on firm gas demand across a broad spectrum of the manufacturing industry. We worked to expand business by actively conducting M&A in the agriculture and food products business, and, in the medical business and energy business, we carried out structural reforms in order to reinforce earnings power.
 As a result, consolidated net sales for fiscal 2017 totaled ¥670,536 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.5%. In terms of profits, operating income was ¥41,341 million, up 4.6% from the previous year, ordinary income came to ¥41,251 million, a gain of 17.6%, and net income totaled ¥22,337 million, an increase of 10.9%, so we achieved year-on-year increases across the board.
For us, it was a year of steady progress toward realization of our medium-term plan.

Diversity at Air Water

The Air Water Group is a conglomerate of numerous different businesses that has expanded and developed driven by M&A.
Having fused and integrated various corporate cultures, the Group has a culture of accepting each other’s differences; that is to say, a well-rooted culture of diversity. The Group’s basic strategy, what we call the “Order Rodentia Style of Business,” is also a major strength in this regard. Our approach is to continue to diversify our business and reinforce earnings power to further solidify our “All-Weather Management System” for producing sustained, stable growth regardless of the operating environment, so we believe that this diversity will become more and more important to business expansion as well going forward.
 Our current diversity promotion efforts are focused on taking in diverse personnel from outside and on creating workplaces for women’s greater participation and advancement.
Along with development of young employees, we are currently promoting various reforms. These reforms we believe will lead directly to the growth of each individual employee and the development of the Group as a whole.

Toward a Company that Continues to Grow Perpetually with Society

A company must always be an indispensable part of its society.
For us, customers, shareholders and investors are of course important stakeholders but so are the people and natural environment of the regions where we do business and all the employees who support our business.
 To sincerely face various social issues, including environmental problems, and respond to them, a company must grow together with society. “Growth” itself continues to change form, and the Group I believe must be a company that continually puts this into practice.
 We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities to stakeholders and move forward with them to become a company that continues to grow perpetually.