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The Air Water logo is an oval shape with a width-to-height ratio of 10:9. This circle with slight bulges at the sides represents the shape of the earth. The earth seems spherical, but in reality it is a slight oval shape whose diameter at the equator is 43 km greater than through the poles. Also, the logo color, deep blue, represents water, which covers 71% of the earth's surface, so that the logo design represents the earth itself.
Making use of air and water that are the precious resources of the earth in ways that are best for them, and returning materials that have been used to nature again so as to preserve the earth, in other words, “to take utmost care of air and water so that they are unchanged in the future,” is the mission of Air Water.

Business Slogan

Solutions by Industrial Gas. Innovation by Business Growth. Air Water Group

Air Water, whose operations are based on gas for industrial and medical applications, has, since its establishment in 1929, expanded its business to a great variety of fields, including chemicals, medical treatment, energy, agriculture, food products, salt, magnesia, logistics, aerosols, and mineral water.
Air Water has now grown to a company that cannot be described simply with terms like “industrial gas” and “solutions.” In order to make Air Water better known to all of you, we have adopted a business slogan which combines the words “broader business” (future business expansion) and “innovation” to represent corporate characteristics which are “unique to Air Water”, clearly different from other companies.


All-Weather Management System Order Rodentia Style of Business

All-Weather Management System

“All Weather Management System” is a unique business model that strives for consistently stable earnings while pursuing an optimal balance of business structure between industry-related businesses (industrial gases and chemicals) and everyday life-related businesses (medical treatment, energy, agriculture, and food products). Since its establishment, Air Water has been striving to diversify its businesses and strengthen its earning power, to establish a business structure which is unaffected by the fluctuations in business conditions.

Order Rodentia Style of Business

“Order Rodentia Style of Business” is a unique business model for Air Water business divisions and affiliated medium-sized companies including regional companies and companies in the Air Water Group, which imitates characteristics of rodents, that are said to be the most prosperous order of mammals. Air Water achieves sustainable growth by continually cultivating and producing medium-sized companies that—like rodents—are agile enough to adapt to great environmental changes and that have the vitality to flexibly develop new fields and new businesses. This business model can also be called the “business portfolio strategy.”