Corporate Profile

Greeting & Management Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves and our resources backed by the entrepreneurial spirit and pride in creation and development of businesses linking air, water, earth and humans.

Since its inception in 1929, Air Water has expanded its business fields through its own unique approach. It started with industrial gases that are indispensable to Japan's manufacturing and with medical gases that are vital to hospitals and other places where lives are being saved, and expanded to chemicals, agriculture and food products, seawater industry, and logistics. Through various types of business, we have grown to play roles that are crucial to the world, “just like air and water,” as our company name implies.

At the source of this growth is the spirit of our founders that each of our employees maintains. All of our employees think of themselves founders of new businesses, continually taking on challenges that go beyond their current experience and knowledge. The accumulation of these innovative efforts leads to the creation of ever more unique business models. In this way, fresh energy and inspiration are constantly infused into management; this is where the uniqueness of Air Water lies.

In 2010, Air Water set a large-scale vision “to become a 1 trillion yen company by fiscal 2020.” I know this is a high goal, but I am confident that we will be able to attain it without fail if we build up an appropriate business portfolio based on our management strategy, the “All Weather Management System” and promote our growth strategy, the “Order Rodentia Style of Business.”

Today, with drastic changes taking place in the business environment, a company must continually adapt to those changes. This is an era where not the strongest or the most intelligent, but rather those who can change will survive. The over 12,000 employees of the Air Water Group have always been changing and will continue to change, like air and water, in order that our goods and services become still more attractive to society and even better meet the needs of people's lives. I sincerely ask for the same understanding and support for our efforts in the future that you have given us up until now.

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Masahiro Toyoda