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Salt & Environmental Products

Nihonkaisui Co., Ltd. boasts the largest share in the production and supply of “salt” in Japan. The company provides a stable supply of high-quality and safe salt products that suit individual customer needs throughout the country, including not only edible salt and salt for food processing but also salt for melting snow and salt for use in boilers.
In recent years, the company has also been actively involved in business development to explore new possibilities of seawater resources, such as environment-related products and potassium chlorides, as a business that effectively utilizes a diversity of resources contained in seawater.

Salt Manufacturing

Nihonkaisui's salt is delivered to you in a variety of forms. Our salt for industrial use has an advantage of being stably supplied as high-quality salt which is used in a diversity of fields, such as in food processing including soy sauce, miso (bean paste), pickles, seafood products, pharmaceutical use including raw materials for dialysis agents, chemical and engineering fields including the manufacturing of dye and chemical products, as well as in agriculture and fishery fields including livestock feeds and fishery brine, and salt for melting snow on highways.

Environmental Products

Water / Soil Contamination Removers

The water contamination remover READ-F is a product named from the acronym of Rare Earth Adsorbent. It is an adsorbent comprised primarily of rare earth and can adsorb and remove fluorine, arsenic, boron, phosphorus, and others contained in drainage and potable water by simply running the water through a column packed with the agent. The soil contamination remover, a product which was developed based on the adsorption technology of READ, provides excellent performance in the insolubilization of fluorine, arsenic, boron and others contained in soil.

Magnesium Hydroxide

Our magnesium hydroxide slurries are produced by effectively using magnesium ion contained in seawater, and are used as low-cost alkaline agent for a broad range of applications, such as for flue-gas desulfurization, drainage neutralization, industrial raw materials and others.

Potassium Chloride

As our new business that utilizes seawater resources, production and sales of potassium chloride was started in 2011. “Bittern” separated from seawater is rich in potassium, which was successfully extracted in a stable amount during the salt manufacturing process.