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NV (Metal surface treatment)

Air Water NV Inc. offers metal surface treatment services using its “NV Process” which applies to metal surface treatment a gas activation process which Air Water NV independently developed based on advanced gas technology.
In order to best meet the processing needs of our customers, we provide two types of processing, namely, “contracted processing” in which treatment is done at Air Water NV's plant on a contract basis and “on-site processing” in which processing is done at our customers' plants. With its broad ranging processing service system that can accommodate both large and small lots, Air Water NV offers optimum solutions for the challenges facing the manufacturers of automobile parts and home electric appliances as they try to save natural resources and reduce size and weight.

NV Process

NV Nitriding
“NV Nitriding” creates high-performance nitride layers by combining surface activation treatment technology and a gas nitriding process that Air Water NV has independently developed. In addition, this process can be carried out under low temperatures, enabling high-quality surface treatments for various steel materials.
Pionite is a novel groundbreaking technology capable of hardening the surface of austenitic stainless steels while maintaining resistance to corrosion. This technology has been given a patent in the world's major countries.
“MYZOOL” is a composite surface treatment which enhances abrasion and solvent resistance through the creation of a chromium nitride layer, exhibiting excellent performance both under high-temperature conditions and in reducing aluminum dissolution.
Bearing Parts
Engine Valve
High-intensity springs
Engine Valve

Treatment Configuration

Contract manufacturing service
Contracted NV processing services are carried out at the Air Water NV's Amagasaki plant (Amagasaki City) and Gumma plant (Isezaki City) in Japan, as well as in Thailand and the Philippines where the company's bases for contracted operations have been established.
On-site service
Air Water NV offers an integrated on-site service, from the installation of fully automatic furnaces built specially for the NV Process and the setting of optimum nitriding conditions to the development of safety measures and maintenance systems. Customers can select among various types of systems, including those with batch furnaces, according to their volume of production.