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Tateho Chemical Industries produces high-function and high value-added magnesia (magnesium compound) products and ceramic products from seawater-derived “bittern” and mineral-based materials, and supplies them to various industries.
Tateho Chemical Industries is distinguished by its original “Crystal control technology” and “firing technology” used to produce high value-added and high-purity products, which have been cultivated over its history of nearly 65 years. These technologies have established strong brand recognition in various types of product markets, such as markets for magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, electro fused magnesium oxide.

Magnesia (Magnesium Compound)

Magnesium Oxide
Our magnesium oxide is produced from “bittern” and quicklime by using a unique manufacturing technology, and is supplied to the world market as products having a variety of functions designed for a broad array of industrial applications.
Based on its technological know-how that has been cultivated over many years, the company has developed a range of products that include light burned magnesium oxide, heavy burned magnesium oxide and electro fused magnesia, each of which has different properties, through the precision control of firing temperature and grain size. Among others, the light burned magnesium oxide used as annealing separation agent for high-quality electromagnetic steel sheets has been the company's distinctive technology product.
Magnesium Hydroxide
Two types of magnesium hydroxide products, whose compositions are adjusted and whose crystals are grown in an original way are supplied; one for industrial use and the other for flame retardant. In the industrial application, the product is used for raw materials for ceramics, plastic additives and others under the brand of “MAGSTAR®.” In the flame retardant applications, the product is supplied for electronics use, such as for semiconductor sealants, under the brand of “ECOMAG®.”
Light burned magnesium oxide
Electrofused magnesium oxide
Electrofused calcium oxide
Electric heat magnesium oxide
MIRACRYSTA (Single crystal magnesium)
Single crystal magnesium oxide substrate


In the ceramics business, the company manufactures products using high-purity magnesium oxide as raw materials, and offers various high-purity ceramic products with low impurity contents according to customers' applications.