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Air Water Mach Inc. is a specialized manufacturer of various seal materials (rubber molded products and resin molded products), including JIS standard O-rings and high-performance rubber products for industrial use.
The company sells a variety of seal and rubber products domestically and abroad, such as ultrahigh-performance seal materials for semiconductor and liquid crystal production equipment, customized rubber molded products, composite products comprised of different materials such as rubber, metal and resin, as well as fluorinated resin products.


O-rings are rubber ring packing seals with a circular (an “O” shape) cross section. They seal fluid and air due to the rubber stress behavior resulting from moderately compressing the rubber They play a key role as seal materials primarily for automobiles, construction equipment, building products, medical supplies, and manufacturing systems.


Rubber molded products, composite products

Air Water Mach's rubber molded products and composite products are used in a broad range of fields from electric home appliances and automobile parts to medical products. They are all customized products with excellent quality, manufactured by utilizing the rubber technology developed for O-rings and technologies independently developed by Air Water Mach for compounding, molding, composite materials, and adhesion.

Rubber molded products, composite products
Agglutinate composite products
Medical supplies

Fluorine resin products

PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), a type of super engineering plastic, is a fluorine resin generally called Teflon. It excels in heat resistance and has the lowest friction coefficient among plastics.
By adding various types of fillers to PTFE, such as glass fibers, carbon, and graphite, it is possible to produce products having excellent abrasion resistance, such as backup rings, slipper seals, V-rings, and V-packing seals.