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In addition to its presence as a “hub” for the group-wide transport infrastructure, Air Water Logistics, Co., Ltd. actively proposes sophisticated logistics services to customers outside the Air Water Group.
The company above all else has an absolute advantage in the advanced temperature control technology cultivated in the in-house transport of low-temperature liquefied gas, and has been expanding its efforts into the fields where the company's low temperature transport technology is used effectively, such as food products and medical fields in which sensitive temperature control is required to preserve quality and freshness.

Logistics Services

High-pressure Gas Logistics

Air Water's businesses founded on the distribution of industrial and medical gases are never complete without the Logistics Business, which ensures that Air Water itself always delivers these gases to the customers. From liquefied gas tank trucks to trailers and trucks, transport vehicles optimally suited to customer needs and based on the transport expertise and advanced transport technology using equable low temperature that Air Water has cultivated over many years are used to quickly and safely deliver high pressure gas.

General Cargo Logistics

Air Water utilizes a transport network linking all parts of Japan to transport general cargo such as construction materials and agricultural products. It offers a diversity of efficient transport arrangements suited to customer needs, including ferries and other large volume container transport methods and joint logistics for small- and medium-sized cargo lots and up to 3PL, with the aim of increasing reliability and lowering transport costs to provide high quality logistics services that will attract customers.

Food Products Logistics

Air Water carries out food products distribution centered on a meticulous logistics network in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, and incorporating transport technology using equable low temperature, cultivated from high-pressure gas shipping, to ensure the sensitive temperature control needed to preserve quality and freshness.

Medical and Environmental Logistics

Blood plasma and NAT sample transportation involves taking the blood (blood plasma) collected at Blood Centers nationwide and reliably transporting it in dedicated transport vehicles at a strictly controlled temperature of -20℃ or lower to Japanese Red Cross Society plasma fractionation centers and blood management centers.

Warehouse and Distributive Processing

Air Water provides high value-added Logistics Business in a wide array of fields, including such services as proper inventory management and delivery services using Air Water warehouses as well as product tagging at distribution centers. Air Water is actively promoting this business, for example by offering joint logistics via these services.

Specialty Vehicles Manufacturing

The Air Water Group is building an integrated service system to meet various needs by offering not only a choice of transport method but also the production by group company Hokkaido Body of dedicated vehicles optimized for the specific type of transport.