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Air Water Sol Inc. manufactures and sells various types of aerosol products and liquid-filled products, primarily in everyday life-related fields, utilizing the company's sophisticated gas technology.
Taking advantage of its production network that allows for the manufacture of various aerosol and liquid-filled products and of its research and development capabilities in a wide array of fields, the company is involved in a diverse range of product development from quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products to household products and industrial products, and has been expanding markets for both its OEM business, which provides total support to meet customers' needs from designing of standards and proposing prescriptions to production, and its manufacturing business for products offered under Air Water Sol's brand.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Products

Our company's OEM business, which undertakes product development based on our customers' needs, offers them a variety of aerosol products including body products such as pharmaceutical products, quasi-pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics, household products, industrial products, automotive supplies, and coating materials, taking advantage of our R&D capabilities and production lines that accommodate a diversity of fields,

Original Brand Products

Our company both manufactures various types of commercial-use and general-use products and sells them under its original brand, chiefly environmentally friendly products that we have developed. Our company develops unique products with emphasis on safety and environmental protection, such as automotive supplies, leak checkers, CO2 blowers, metal treatment products, glass cleaners, disinfectant cleaners, UV protection sprays, and canned oxygen.

Automotive supplies
  • Parts cleaners
  • Coating agents
  • Refrigerant gas
Leak checkers
  • Gas leak detection for gas piping and gas piping joints
CO2 blowers
  • Cooling sprays for office equipment
  • Dust cleaners
Metal treatment products
  • Chain sprays
  • Rust inhibitors, lubricants
  • Grease sprays
Glass cleaners
  • Glass cleaners
  • Anti-fogging and cleaning agents for glass and mirrors
Body products
  • Disinfectant and cleansing liquids
  • UV protection sprays
  • Canned oxygen