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We will further promote “broader business innovation“ with our unique products, technologies and services.

Air Water's business deployment is not confined to industrial gas, chemical, medical, energy and agriculture and food products businesses. A diversity of businesses created with the steady expansion of business domain is the true “broader business innovation” that Air Water is pursuing.
Our business fields are diverse, encompassing “salt” and “magnesia,” both of which seek to effectively utilize various ingredients in sea water, “logistics service” which utilizes our low temperature transport technology cultivated in the field of high-pressure gas, as well as “aerosol,” “O-ring,” “NV (metal surface treatment)” and others. Each of these businesses holds distinctive technologies, products and services, which builds the company's collective strength.

Salt & Environmental Products

We have been selling products that effectively utilize seawater resources focused on salt for both commercial and household use that boast the top share in the domestic market.


We supply high value-added magnesia products manufactured from seawater-derived “bittern” by utilizing our distinctive crystal control technology.


We offer high-level logistics services by making use of our low temperature transportation technology and unique know-how cultivated in our high-pressure gas transportation business


We supply a variety of aerosol products ranging from coating materials and automotive parts to cosmetics, household products, quasi-pharmaceutical products and industrial products.


By making use of our unique processing technology for rubber molding, we have been selling different types of rubber and resin-molded products including rubber O-rings.

NV (Metal surface treatment)

We offer metallic surface hardening treatment services using our uniquely developed “NV Pionite” treatment based in our advanced gas technology.