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After being involved in the establishment of a special elderly nursing home in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture in 2000, Air Water has actively participated in the welfare & nursing care-related businesses. From these experiences, we learned it is important for welfare and nursing care to guide the lives of the elderly who are in need of care or support and who are expected to increase even more in the future, so that they can maintain a healthy and lively life.
In 2013, Air Water established a welfare model for the elderly by introducing an advanced nursing care facility where the elderly who are receiving care at home can lead a healthy and independent life with motivation. By adding to this model various services for “medical care, food and housing” which Air Water can offer, we will promote “a new type of health welfare” throughout the country.

“A community general care system” sought by Air Water

“Medical care, food and housing” services promoted by the integrated strength of Air Water

Air Water has to date been actively involved in a broad spectrum of medical businesses, from businesses for hospitals including medical gas services to community medical services such as the provision of home medical care and nursing care products, the operation of welfare & nursing care facilities, and visiting care.
In the future, we further pursue the establishment of a system with which a total support can be provided to people who need to receive medical treatment at home, through our efforts on “healthcare, food and housing,” including the supply of daily energy and delivery of food and agricultural products.

Medical care Home medical care, nursing care products, visiting care, and others
Food Nursing care products, food service for facilities, nutritional management and others
Housing Nursing care facilities, group homes, day services and others
People receiving home medical treatment
A community general care system sought by Air Water

Based on its unique model, Air Water will seek to construct a system to support people receiving home medical care so that “they can be taken care of to the end of their days by Air Water Group.” In addition to the expansion of the current community businesses, we seek to establish a “community general care system” to provide a comprehensive support in terms of “medical care, food and housing” for the health and welfare of people receiving home medical treatment through the following cooperation with the community medical institutions.

  1. Development and practice of life rehabilitation programs – Joint development with medical and welfare universities
  2. Establishment of cooperative support networks – Cooperation with medical institutions and visiting care service providers
  3. Collaboration with community healthcare corporations and clinics supporting home medical treatment
Life Assistance Center Matsumoto (Nursing care facility for the elderly)
Group Home “Salvia”
(Special elderly nursing home)
Assisted living residences “Anjuri,” ”Izumi no Sato” and “Akari”
(Residential retirement housing)